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From what people grow old? There are no

, to concern achievements of gerontology with its sophisticated terminology and deep penetration into an essence of things we will not become. We will be interested only in that old age which lies on a surface, that is on a face. We will construct the research on facts of common knowledge and all to available congenital human logic.

The friend of the person - the dog - unambiguously proves that each person possesses an own unique smell. The smell is one of feelings, arising at impact of odorous substances on receptors of a mucous membrane of a nose. A conclusion arises that each person radiates some odorous substance peculiar only to it which the dog also catches the amazing nose. What odorous substance is?

In the perfumery, pharmaceutical and food companies there is such profession - to smell the made product. The person estimating a product smell is called the taster of smells (more simply - the sniffer). The sniffer, as well as dog, catches that unique that is peculiar to exclusively this product.

A profession this rather rare because it is not enough people possessing sense of smell of a dog. However there are substances which smell is caught by each person, for example, hydrogen sulfide. Its chemical formula - H 2 S.

The majority of substances on Earth have three phases: firm, liquid and gaseous. Smell force sharply increases upon transition of odorous substance from a liquid state in gaseous, that is in the course of boiling when there is a rough process of evaporation of liquid. What occurs in the course of boiling? Move to liquid molecule air.

Thus when we catch any smell, our receptors perceive molecules of this or that substance in a gaseous state. For this reason the smell of each substance is unique as each molecule has the structure which is strictly corresponding only to this substance. And everywhere, where the hydrogen sulfide smell appears, we can claim with confidence that to us in a nose the molecule H 2 S flew.

Follows from all this: when the dog catches a smell of the person, to her some molecule peculiar gets into a nose it is exclusive to this person. This molecule, regardless of a smell source, and is called - a smell molecule. As each person smells especially (at least, for a dog), a conclusion arises that the person constantly exhales a stream of molecules of a smell, and that is very important, - peculiar it is exclusive to this specific person.

So, each person, constantly allocating a stream of molecules of a smell, as if evaporates. Process of evaporation of liquid or solid substance (sublimation) is that molecules, overcoming forces of intermolecular coupling, as a result of acquisition of energy by them are higher than this liquid, threshold for process of evaporation, take off above a substance surface. What is evaporates from a surface of the person, providing originality of each person? Whether there is in a human body a structure providing identity of the person with the highest severity? Yes, such structure is available. It is molecule DNA.

Molecule DNA was opened in cellular kernels by the Swiss doctor Friedrich Mischer in 1868. Then it was established that DNA is concentrated in chromosomes, and it, apparently, spoke about its possible role as genetic material. However at 20-30 - x years of last century the opinion was strongly claimed that only proteins can bear genetic information.

Really, enzymes, i.e. proteins were the molecules which are carrying out various chemical transformations in a cage always. Protein represents the main construction material of a cage. Then the belief was general, as genes consist of protein. It seemed undoubted that the way to a solution of all secrets of heredity lies through studying of a structure of proteins.

And only in 1953 Francis Crick and Jim Watson, having created molecule DNA structure model, could explain, at last, that Oswald Everi in the well-known experiments on studying of the phenomenon of transformation with pneumococci observed. The theory in which DNA took the place appropriate to it was created, became the main molecule - the center of all genetic information of an organism.

Therefore, the molecule of a smell of the person has to be by all means connected with a genome of this specific person and bear in itself some essentially important features characterizing this person (possibly, not everyone). Possibly, molecule DNA has some nodal points which completely characterize this specific person. Genes of these points together also form a smell molecule. Thus, in addition to human genome in an organism exists, so to speak, pass - molecule DNA.

Has all this what relation to an old age? I will answer you, but, alas, in continuation to a subject. Next time we will consider how structures of a molecule of a smell can be formed.

Remember that happens to the person in process of increase in its age. Pervo - napervo forms wrinkles on the face, then decrepitude traces on body skin appear, occupying all new and new areas. Eventually decrepitude is stabilized, and in such look, practically without changing externally, the person lives up to the death.

But in all centuries the upper class of various societies (mainly its female half) did not wish to be reconciled with the natural course of this process. Now among the Russian elite there were fashionable plastic surgeries, or as speak in the people, to pull muzzles. However that there is a plasticity for an organism from the point of view of the expiration of a smell, i.e. evaporations of molecules of a smell from a surface of skin of the person and will be our following subject.