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How to buy the apartment? Five signs of reliability of the builder of

At acquisition of housing “from the builder“ it is necessary to be sure that the company will honestly fulfill the obligations for timeliness of input of housing in operation.

Naturally, any builder you will be is oath to be assured that a schedule of construction is not broken and the housing will be leased in due time. But from practice it is known that not each company meets conditions on terms, and even not owing to incompetence or dishonourableness of heads. Happens that builders are brought by suppliers, officials, etc. of

to choose the reliable project and the reliable company do not agree on necessary documents, it is enough to know five main signs on which it is necessary to estimate reliability of the builder.

the First sign - availability of information on the company

gives Nothing such confidence in reliability of the company as availability of information on her. When the firm tries “to be lit“ in mass media as often as possible, without hesitating, publishes reports on a condition of the balance, information on assets and liabilities, it can be trusted. From mass media it is possible to learn much about the company - the builder. Publicity demonstrates that such company understands - default on obligations of the contract threatens with publicity and a public response.

the Second sign - the actual prices for square meters

Adequate policy of the prices is an important characteristic of firm - the builder. Excessively cut prices - the direct instruction on unreliability of the company. If the builder exposes the price for square meter, equal to cost of construction, probably, it is worth reflecting whether such company is necessary to you. Any builder respecting himself will not work without profit.

A little the situation when offer you a considerable discount differs. It must be assumed that the cost of the apartment was deliberately overstated that then it was possible to do “fabulous“ discounts without serious consequences. One more option of big discounts - at the builder is vital financial issues and it was solved on such dumping of the prices. the Third sign - available all necessary documents All package of documents the representative of the company - the builder has to show


at your first requirement. These are constituent documents of the company, the certificate on the state registration, the design declaration, the resolution on allocation of a site under this construction, the protocol of distribution of apartments.

The main is, of course, the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment. The reliable form is a contract of individual share as it undergoes a compulsory procedure of registration in government bodies that excludes a possibility of fraud and double sales. This contract gives the chance to the buyer to demand, in case of non-compliance with terms or other obligations under the contract, payment of a penalty and penalties.

The contract demands attentive studying before signing, it is desirable with your lawyer. If you asked the contract to study in a quiet situation, and refused to you, it has to guard you. Means, not everything is safe at the builder. Studying the contract, pay attention to formulations which can have dual interpretation, such phrases it is necessary to exclude from the contract. Terms of transfer of object, responsibility for non-execution of the conditions stated in the contract have to be accurately registered.

the Fourth sign - uniformity of speed of construction

is Somehow considered to be that it is better to select the construction object finished more than for 50% for purchase of housing. But it is worth noticing: if to track dynamics of construction, then it is possible to give preference to the builder at whom the object is built no more than for 40%. Why? The cost of such acquisition will be more favorable to you. And if once or two times a month to pass by a building site, it will be easy to track uniformity of speed of construction.

If you saw that in a month the panel house “grew up“ on 4 - 5 floors, or monolithic on 2 - 3 floors, can be quiet, construction goes at good speed - means, the company works steadily. Having carried out simple calculations, you can perfectly orient how many floors in what time it is built on this object. It is necessary to consider, of course, that from - for external factors (for example, from - for bad weathers, frosts, rains) dynamics of construction can be broken.

the Fifth sign - reliability and “solidity“ of partners of the builder

Let`s consider construction option with the co-investor. If as the partner the foreign fund of investments participates, then it is possible to be quiet for legal purity of construction. All subtleties are checked by lawyers of fund. For you it can be a guarantee and powerful argument in favor of the builder.

One more option: cooperation of construction company with large stable bank. There can be forms from a credit line before co-investment. Anyway the bank before beginning work with builders, captiously and meticulously studies all documents, thereby having relieved you of need it to do. Besides, the staff of bank attentively studied financial activity of the company. The important factor which can incline you in favor of the conclusion of the contract in this case - construction will receive financial aid of bank even in case of any difficulties with own financing.

Well and one more option is programs of insurance of housing. Such programs insure shareholders against various risks connected with possible non receipt of housing under construction, for example, at bankruptcy of the company - the builder. The insuring organization will check builders for all possible risks including on financial stability.

P. S. The basic that you should know, checking conscientiousness of civil engineering firm: listen less who and that speaks to you, and trust more eyes. The you are more critical you will treat words look more, the it is less than risk that the choice of the company - the builder will be unsuccessful.