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What talents cats have? Watching

the kosharika within a year, I opened at them a set of talents. Especially well everything is learned in comparison: if one cat made great progress in one, then the second succeeded in absolutely other sphere. Let`s talk about it in more detail.

Talents of our cats


“a sweet couple“ lives together with us with two-month age. During this time proved Dachshunds as an individual who loves in all an order. He knows beyond doubt in what time to it the food is put. And if I for some reasons forget in time “to invite“ cats by a breakfast or a lunch, then reminds Dachshunds to within a minute to me of it loud miaow with a discontent shade.

Cats use one toilet for two in turn. Loves dachshunds that after it or Sonya made the big or small affairs, everything was buried in the depth of a box. It scrapes a bottom of a toilet of minutes 15-20, so far, in his opinion, “ideal cat`s order“ will not be brought. And nothing terrible that in a meter radius around “the sacred place“ the filler will be scattered! So shows Dachshunds that the latrine should be cleaned because no cat respecting himself or a cat will want to visit “the profaned toilet“. Such maniacal passion to purity led to the fact that we changed a toilet configuration. Now too clean cat can are as much as long to bring order without prejudice to surrounding space.

Dachshunds shows miracles in long jumps and height. If the international championship among cats on these sports was held, then Dachshunds precisely could apply for one of prize-winning places. In kitchen distance between tables about three meters. Dachshunds this space freely overcomes, flying by as the bird, and lands precisely in the middle of other table. From the place in height he jumps on more than two meters as a ball.

The sleepyhead - the skilled worker in balancing. The best-known number - “acrobatic etudes“ on a chair back which width is about 1 centimeter. The sleepyhead can practise on this shell for hours. Still she is a big skilled worker in catching of flies. When the fly flies by by, she jumps, managing to catch an insect, and, having landed, with appetite eats the caught production.

Sometimes Sonya strikes me with the ingenuity and ability to train the Dachshund. So, for example, she very quickly learned to open doors in rooms. If for any reasons the door does not open from the first, then they together with Taks run up, at the same time push a door and appear in the necessary room. It trained in such focus of the fight - the friend.

The sleepyhead also, undoubtedly, has design talent. She can build the dwelling suitable for itself from any subject. For example, once I found such scene in kitchen. The sleepyhead acted as the initiator of construction of the new cat`s dwelling from … a kitchen rug. The house was planned intelligently, cats built the closed space, having rolled a rug in a tubule. To the house conducted a main entrance, and just in case there was black spare. Sonya “directed“ construction works, and Dachshunds was at her on pickup.

Once I was involved in very interesting experiment with participation of both of our pets. In the bottom of kitchen tables we have set of lockers. They have many doors, but inside there are no partitions, all of them are reported among themselves. Once I opened one door that to take something from a locker, and both cats quickly whisked in an open door, having disappeared “in threads“. I decided to give them a lesson that it is not necessary to go there where do not invite. I quietly closed a door of a case and went about the own business.

Minutes five there was a complete silence, then suddenly one of five doors opened, and Sonya appeared from there. The door behind it slammed automatically. Dachshunds began to give life signs too: to it bothered one to sit in the dark, and he began to mew plaintively. The girlfriend Sonya, having shown ingenuity, tried to open in turn all five doors which opened outside. At last, she - managed to open all one door, and the captive with loud miaow jumped out on freedom. After this case cats left bad habit to get into kitchen cases.

But all the same at them the passion remained to investigate unfamiliar places. Once I opened a door of a drying cabinet to put there linen after washing. Something distracted me for a minute, and having returned back, I found the assistants having a tail already ready to be loaded there for drying instead of linen. It was necessary to upset them plans.

the Harmful cat of Pusya

C Pusy and his hostess Natalya Nikolaevna I got acquainted when I rented the dacha near St. Petersburg. For several summer seasons of accommodation under the same roof we with it about much talked over. But the main subject of our conversations was her cat Pusya - British short-haired. It had a tremendous talent to do mucks to the hostess.

Somehow, having returned from the beach, I found on a site of all summer residents which amicably “persuaded“ Pusyu to go down from a very tall pine on which it stayed several hours. Natalya Nikolaevna with validol under language sat in a chair. Someone from neighbors called the fire truck to rescue a cat.

And here, disclosing the quiet country place sharp beeps, firemen came tearing along and quickly began to prepare a ladder to remove Pusyu from a tree. Vile cat, having seen that against him something is started, indifferently, quietly went down on the earth and, having lifted up a tail, imposingly followed to the residence. The people stood, zastyv on the place, and looked at responsible for an alarm to which it was deep to spit on everything and on all.

Natalya Nikolaevna told me several stories from life of Pusi. When it left for work, the cat, naturally, for the whole day remained one. If it was boring for it, then he got on book racks and began to throw off books on a floor from there. When the hostess came back home, first of all she had to bring order to the room and to lecture Pusyu for deeds.

Some way Pusya learned to include a chandelier in the room. When at night he wanted to eat, for example, he jumped on a sideboard and pressed a paw the switch. He waited when the hostess wakes up, and then began to shout heart-rendingly that meant: “Let`s eat, I something got hungry! “ Natalya Nikolaevna tried to stick the switch with an adhesive tape, but the next night the cat tore off an adhesive tape, turned on the light, and everything repeated at first. No arrangements and vospitatelno - punitive measures affected a cat.

The hostess categorically did not want to leave it because she worshipped this animal. He, of course, knew it and did everything that to it will take in head.

Some cats possess absolutely unique abilities and talents. About it the speech in the following article will go.