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You will go with me to Goa?

A let`s go to Goa together? Let`s depart, joking on everything around. And on an arrival we will smile to the sun and warm air. Then by bus we will go to the village of Kandolim … you know, it is our favourite village … we will arrive to hotel, and there are no sidewalks, and everywhere garbage and the red earth. It is such because there the field of copper ore. And we will go out of the bus, and the careful driver will get our suitcases. You will thrust to it into a hand dollar and we will go to a reception. Let`s wait then for number, having given passports and vouchers … and we will be occupied in the last turn, but we will laugh loudly over all events. Also we will become populated in that number which other Russians will refuse. And then we will change clothes and we will go for a walk on the beach, but at first you will hang up the Russian flag on a balcony. It your distinctive feature. And I represent a smile on your face. I will acquaint you with Goa and to look at its reaction. I think, Goa will fall in love with you. And you will like these moods. Barkers from sheyk will run up to us, but we will just go, having joined hands and to enjoy. I even know that at you the nose and cheeks will at once burn down. It is Goa so will greet you, checking you for durability, having been jealous of me a little. We will stop in volume to a neck in which I carried out almost all the time when I was in Goa for the first time. I will acquaint you with the friends. They very kind and cheerful. It would seem that there is no kindness left in people. But only not in Goa. Here everything is impregnated with some magic. And at once the doggie of Bruni who protected me in those days will come running. He remembered me, I know. He saw us to hotel many times. And it very much will be pleasant to you, you so love dogs. This magic place - Goa. There is no elite. Here all simply love. In our city all forgot long ago that it is simple to love it. Not for something, not contrary to, and simply. Here so there is a person, and you just love him. And we will agree with children that we will surely meet in the evening. Also we will go to the neighboring town. And on the way from the beach until offer us not absolutely legal things, we will see that girl who spins bracelets with names. We will write it your name in English. She will look for very long for you a letter Y … and I know what colors of threads you will choose. Red and black. Colors of a soccer team. We will reach hotel where, by the way, you know, regularly disconnect light … and on the way to it the lamp from the horror film hangs … but with you to me nothing is terrible … and we for some reason will take a bike in hire, but if I am with you, then it is even ready to go with the bandaged hand if we fall … and still I will want to show you Arambol. This most tremendous place in Goa. It is small sand and wind, from - for whom the beach becomes as the desert … equal, without human traces. And we will feel like pioneers. Also we will go there, to the rock …. Then, when we will rise by it you will see erose little shops in it, there will be we, enjoying each step, we will arrive there since morning that the whole day still was ahead. You know, on Arambola the most beautiful decline in all Goa. We will surely see off it. And then we will go on the jungle to mountains. You represent, there people who go to you towards just smile and greet you. And the entrance to the place where the monk sits is faced by a cup on which something is written it seems “if you have something - share if you lack something - take“. And there, in a circle people sit, play drums, give each other tubes and pineapples, chew clove sticks not to cough and all together eat cookies. Then we will go back, without hurrying, and we will leave to the fresh lake which on the road there we did not award with attention … we will look sanst and we will go home … your smile, your eyes, everything will say that you are happy. And still I very much want to appear with you in Mandrem … there, speak, the divine beach and is not enough people. And, I suspect that we will roll also sand and to play the fool. And let in hair there will be a sand, let they will be salty … it will not disturb us. And still we will go to club in Arpure. It in the mountain, you represent. And there several levels. There is level with the pool, the finest look from there. And I know that even if I will be in the same state as that time, I will be brought to number in an integrity and safety. You will like local beer, it is called kingfisher. Sometimes we will arrange sober days. you know
A that I noticed. I like to examine India without points. I have a poor eyesight, you remember. And so, I love India in principle. I did not put on glasses and last time. Any)) I love you almost also strongly as Goa. Just I love you longer … but Goa is stronger. It in nine days gave me what you could not give for many years. It is reciprocity. It can do hopes that you will fall in love with me also strongly as Goa. You will understand that I not such as all. you Know
, darling, is force there. Force which you will find anywhere and never any more. There everything breathes by force. There everything breathes love. And patience.
Can we will go on the South? There too it is not bad according to stories. For certain, we will be able to relax there. But parties after all generally in the north. The obligatory program - Vagator. It is the beach where there are also few people. And there it is very beautiful. It is possible to lie in sand and to timidly kiss each other. You cannot even imagine as far as it is desired for me …
of Goa will fall in love with us. Not you and me. And us. Together. Will accept you. I am sure. Goa does not accept those who do not love it.