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In Russia it is good to whom to live?

For what we are in the Internet? Why we connected the Internet with ways of earnings? Life in a network! Whether it is useful to a psychological state or is dangerous?

I will answer these and many questions with the small philosophical reasonings.

I want to begin the reasonings with myself. I in a network more than 7 years, and really began to work where that about 5 years. During this time I what saw a lot of things and worried. There were also serious mistakes in the formations of projects and system of earnings, there were also successful decisions. I do not rank myself as those online to businessmen who separated themselves from real life and earn only among the Internet. I am a normal healthy person who has a worthy profession offline (career was given me rather difficult) and who nevertheless wishes to live better, to thereby realize myself completely.

The way in online is rather difficult as to have to work hard and self-express in that field of knowledge which you chose, but as you understand in real life occurs most too. For many sane people it is very difficult to reach something in real life as (if not all) affect many the stamps which historically developed psychologically which he also adheres all life. These stamps also do not allow it to expand the level of knowledge, forcing to lead ordinary and not interesting life.

And though in a century of information technologies the level of knowledge extends, we observe that the most part of the population as ours, and many other countries nevertheless remain below the poverty line. Not who with the matter cannot make will make anything while the person does not realize that the most part of problems lies in him.

In the person who constantly fights against the internal Ego which is unstable in the outlook. It, in the person of governors create any cataclysms, forcing the tribespeople to suffer and live in misery. He, is capable to create a masterpiece of scientific thought which is capable to help people of all countries to get rid of any curable illness or a viral infection.

Such inconsistent. Such unstable in the judgments. Such pathetic and at the same time great.

So in Russia it is good to whom to live?

to Oligarchs! No!

To politicians! No!

To bankers! No!

Mere mortal! No!

So to whom?

Communicating with the subscribers, with other bloggers, at forums, reading books on positive thinking and creation of business, I understood one very simple truth which for some reason did not reach me earlier or I did not want to notice it. The truth is simple and banal actually.

Is not present white or black . Is not present bad and good . All these processes are a single whole, and only the person gives the consciousness coloring of this or that action. So the person himself defines that for him it is good and what is bad, itself creates the inner world and communications with an external environment. All this also defines his consciousness, outlook, living position.

I have the living position, the purposes which can significantly differ ottsely and positions of my subscribers and visitors of the website, but it does not mean that I impose someone them. You want - accept it, you want - no. You make the choice, making some reasonable decision.

I made the decision. I check any actions and I recheck, and only then when it is thoroughly sure, I do them. Me, as well as different subjects, different ways of earnings are interesting to any sane person. Some of them are less effective, but are long-term, some are more effective, but are not long on time.

And though time for us has final value, many of us do not take at all any steps that though somehow to raise the material state and to expand the level of knowledge.

We, the Internet community of people rather educated to understand that the Internet is not only a way of earning money, but also a way of information communication. Information on the Internet is more valuable, than money and how we perceive it, influences our further education and outlook.

You look when I only began the partner business based for sales of goods with the right of resale many of my subscribers wrote me that I fleece, from their pockets selling information products of low (in their opinion) quality. There passed some time and the same people write me the letter of thanks that I gave them the chance to raise their material state as they apprehended my experience and began to be engaged in the same in what and I.

Already any you will not surprise with the fact that earnings by means of sales with the right of resale are very effective way of business. Once it was the controversial issue.

Other example, many are not able to build the websites, but look for any information on this subject. Having found it and beginning to be trained, nevertheless cannot construct the colourful websites at the same time give up all training and introduce the idea that in vain spent money and time.

On it I ask almost all only 3 questions :

You are capable to create after training at least one simple page of the website?
you are capable to place graphic elements on this page?
you are capable to edit design of the website (fonts, placements of elements of the page and t. e) by means of cascade stylesheets?

If they answer positively then, training worked well, and they lack knowledge in other area a web - skill, namely in imposition and design of the website. But experience and a little time is only necessary for all this. Of course, at will it is possible to be trained also in it, but it is not obligatory. Experience in imposition can solve their problems.

If they at least on one question answer in the negative, then I more fruitfully with them provide training and anyway they realize that to construct the website, let not really beautiful, but the first - it is very easy.

What I it achieved?

I only spent the time and corrected the trainee`s purposes. Almost with whom I worked for all on this system of training, everything ended with successful creation of the first website. They understood that for any timepoint they just lacked patience in material development.

Why I gave these two examples though in my arsenal there is a lot of them. I want to direct you and this article to correct your purposes and thoughts. You have to realize that only your choice is capable to put you in motion your living positions, the purposes, dreams. If you do not take at least one step to your dreams, you and will remain at the level.

In it no, there is nothing bad, you will not even notice it in the life, you just awake further to lead the ordinary life, the bearing problems. But having taken only one small step, you as in a computer game, will become one level higher, you will move apart the horizon of the positive thinking.

Of course, you will have other vital problems and situations which you should solve, but you with pride can tell now that you step by step move to performance of your intimate desire (goal) and if it to be executed you will feel the happiest person.

But on it process not to stop. You will have other vital values and the principles. You will be capable to create other purposes and reference points for yourself and again to start self-realization process, having reached which you start process again.

Focusing on the purpose starts all process of improvement.

So focus the attention on yourself!

Perceive information as it is!

Take from it only that to you it is vital!

Carry out the purposes and you improve them!

... Truth around us! Truth somewhere nearby ...

of PS: Reflect - in Russia it is good to Whom to live.