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What will we begin to do when forbid anesthetics?

statistically, nearly 90% of all women suffer from pains during periods. And many of them consider that and has to be. Like, the nature punished women for something, having sent them several days of the spasmodic pains repeating every month.

Actually all not so. And the complex of unpleasant feelings during “critical days“ are no other than the disease called algodismenorey (dismenorey) which is possible and it is necessary to treat. Naturally, under supervision of the skilled doctor.

But, unfortunately, many women prefer not to address the expert, and “to jam“ pain tablets, going every month to a drugstore behind the next packing of anesthetic.

However already very soon - since June 1, 2012 - in the territory of Russia the ban on holiday without recipes of codeine-containing preparations will be imposed. The matter is that the codeine which is a part of many of the popular anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing drugs is often used for production of drugs.

It is not necessary to be the psychic to predict increase in “paper“ load of doctors in policlinics who do not cope with a flow of patients as it is. And not each woman who is especially working has excess time which she is ready to spend in hospital turn to receive the desired recipe.

But maybe, all is not so bad, and residents of Russia, at last, will cease to be engaged in such self-treatment, popular in our country? For example, in Europe many of such strong preparations are forbidden at all. And we drink them in each occasion - a painful tooth, migraine, took a stomach. Stopping pain, we forget about the reason and we damage own health.

The woman suffering from a dismenorea has to pass surely the inspection including the analysis of hormones, ultrasonic researches, consultation at the neuropathologist and some other procedures. By results the gynecologist establishes the reason of pains and appoints special treatment.

Often during the premenstrual period women have any hypostases: liquid is late in an organism, leading to painful feelings in a stomach and a breast. In this case the doctor prescribes to the patient the medicine reducing puffiness of fabrics and their morbidity at the expense of hypostasis.

Sometimes menstrual pains are connected with hormonal violations. In this case the patient has to pass additional consultation at the doctor - the endocrinologist who will appoint the course of treatment directed to correction of a hormonal background.

The hidden inflammations, a varicosity of a small pelvis, soldering or endometriosis can also be the reasons that once a month the woman from pain almost completely loses working capacity, takes time off and lies on a sofa, having clasped a stomach.

The female organism is very fragile. And the reasons for developing of pains really can be much. The main thing, always to remember that any pain is a signal that something in a body occurs not so. And to get rid of it by means of special preparations for a long time it is very harmful.

See a doctor. Health - it at us one.