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“The ceramic Song“ (song) of

Ceramic Song.

it is sarcastic, ironic, yumoristichno, self-critically.

Shy imitation the glorified Timur Shaov - shaov. ***
of Missile defense clay all repeat ru

I, without wishing to pass for the ignoramus,
Ya I will give only what is unknown -
From the facts that I had to dig...

She is fragile, dirty and unsightly
(However it is loved by ceramists) -
But is more more beautiful, will become stronger from a heat,
And therefore it are so loved by potters!

Even our Creator did not avoid that dirt -
He was engaged in clay with ecstasy.
Stuck together Adam, and then - still something...
and - and...
So means, it knocked up Eve from chamotte!

… And as with Tahiti Van Gogh wrote to the wife:
“ I burned canvases, a palette, brushes, paints - was engaged in Ceramics in
though not bravely -
B to it beauty which is given rise on fire! “

But the first it was made by Prometeus -
And therefore, what will become stronger, he did not know...
But was burned on the fire of people by it,
I as a result all broke teeth...

Clay is known to people since the Stone Ages -
Of that was told us by the writer Goncharov.
is not known to me how it learned it,
But, the main thing - did not hide, and told:

“ When men on hunting left,
A of the woman looked for backs,
their children in vaults clay dug -
to Children always most necessary pots! “

About clay, by the way, knew even in ancient Troy -
There once did of it heroes. them blind Homer told
of Missile defense to the world - with
Not for nothing, it not for nothing tormented the lira!

From those times some stones reached us -
the Story about clay was stronger than them!

“ There is nothing stronger in the world, than a kerama! “
Here immortal Khayyam`s statement.
About that from a sofa, drunk, it broadcast
(But, to a regret, did not know technology):

“ The Jug stick together the &ndash handle from the head of the great sultan,
A; from a leg of the lame poor! “ I do not lie to
I - ask Khayyam! He will confirm to
my words... for certain...

The world is filled up with the Chinese copyright -
of the Sculpture “Greek“ in each Roman hall.
fools Museum really?
to Deceive them, so, from a hand...

Guides tell us baizes -
still Arkady Raikin Warned about that:
“ In make a fool, brothers! A statue rub -
our sawdust Inside, look! “

... And to create such glory to Rome,
bare feet Chinese trample down clay.
“ Masterpieces “ send from the Chinese fire,
A that it is &ndash marble; in total nonsense!

And as told, once, Cherepanov
(Or perhaps Fulton who will sort them):
“ It is possible to make anything Of clay, I Can stick together
even... steamship! “

But experience that ended sadly, that was not succeeded to burn
zavropod -
In water all clay just collapsed -
the Ship thawed as if in tea honey...

Went to a bottom as sailing “ Vase “ -
Ware to float in the sea not mogyot!
speak in the people: “ As you will call the boat,
Here so it, most likely, and will float! “

As the grandfather Mazay (tsevets) spoke once, Transporting
on the market I will melt hares:
“ What different destiny waits for you, children!
Though all left one furnace once “.

Honestly, hares that by the boat with it came,
the Most original persons were.
Though in a uniform form litas were all -
U of everyone the, however, cockroaches in the head...

And as Lenin wrote from Krupskaya`s reference:
“ There is in clay neither movement, nor the purpose,
to It to a head fight, prison and classes -
It only whom inert weight.

Her peasants mold - dry - burn,
Ware and toys trade... “
I attributed pi - es: “ You will not believe, Nadj!
Ya learned to play an ocarina! “

With hands dirty, but with pure soul
We create beauty (and we create marriage at times), We this clay knead
- we thrash, anyhow, But we wait for
that the inspiration visited...

From a deep hangover,
Or having got up on the wrong side of the bed,
As an elephant in a crockery bench
We splash pots...

You do not observe the mode - do not wait for
that you will be glad,
Vain efforts,
I here to you result...

Poorly, crookedly, badly - the Foul era in which we live testifies in volume
As envisioned by a sculpture we wait that there will be lions,
A leave the furnace dogs and goats...

And it is necessary to fill up only clay in a tank,
to Add a kaolin and small sand,
for couple of days to fill in with Cold water,
of Patience to have and to knead everything long...

Then to throw about the earth and to beat out emptiness,
That could not spoil a cavity beauty. to Mould
. Well, at last! Kayfovey, than to devour. I Am afraid of
, there will not be enough paints that that to describe a high!

And, having dried up greatly, it is necessary to put in the furnace -
of the Product slowly, properly, to burn.
of Studit, without opening though there is no patience...
I at last, Tvorenye will be born!

of 2012
of Keramikos fo Rewa!

Yazon Dinaltov, Prose. ru
proza. ru/avtor/yazon