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Fighter “Mad Max 2“. What Mel Gibson`s career began with?

of the Practician show that continuations of movies in 99 cases from 100 turn out worse than the original. As a rule, the sequel slides on a beaten path of the first part, offering audiences only change of scenery. Examples of that weight, but among the brightest failures - second “Predator“, “Twelve friends of Ouchene“ and continuation of the comedy of brothers of Farrelli “Stupid and still growing dull“.

Exceptions happen too. It is possible to carry to them without any doubts “The deadly weapon 2“, second “Terminator“, the sequel of “Godfather“, “Strangers“, “Dark knight“. The commercial success of these pictures was accompanied by more careful study of characters, and new adventures of the fallen in love heroes offered not just a tracing-paper from the original, but essentially other subject collisions.

In the same way, with love and understanding, the Australian director George Miller who started in 1980 shootings of the second part of the fighter “Mad Max“ with participation of a rising star of Mel Gibson treated the character.

… No, the civilization did not crash down in the chasm rattling emptiness. Instead on the planet, as well as analysts - pessimists foretold, the power collapse burst. Human life began to be estimated not in tugriks, and in a petrol equivalent. The car became luxury again, and the electric power - the myth. The apocalypse stepped locally, but on the most sick callosity.

The lonely and courageous Max Rokatanski who got the nickname “Mad“ in the period of service in the ranks of the Australian police travels about along once blossoming landscapes on right “Interceptor“. Now his faithful companions - only muddy road dust and fairly shabby dog. Having lost relatives, Max does not seek to enter fight suprotiv the bred evil any more, preferring to stand neuter and always to render good offices on a paid basis. Mainly, for gasoline. Max shares food with a dog, and as a shelter to it serves “the iron horse“.

However the meeting with the next group of morons on wheels reminds Max of tragic death of his wife and child. Greedy sadists occupied small camp on oil production and are eager to destroy his small defenders, and at the same time and to appropriate a tower and reserves of fuel. Settlers among whom there are a lot of old men and women, ask Max about the help. And it, gritting the teeth, agrees to the transaction …

In the USA where traditionally “foreign“ cinema, even from English - the speaking countries, look reluctantly, first “Mad Max“ of 1979 passed almost imperceptibly. Even without having got to wide North American release. Therefore, when George Miller released the sequel not to confuse the local viewer unnecessary hints, the second part in America was let out under the name “The Soldier Is Dear“. Clear business, background for audience it was unknown and the devil will investigate it why this Max “mad“ and that is created in the future on the green continent.

It was so unclear also intricate prikid the main character. The torn-off fingers of gloves, a leather slip on a shoulder and the iron corset supporting a leg. All these details removed throughout from the first part of the movie where to Max thoroughly got from a gang of the bastards who settled his family. As well as thirst for use of a sawn-off shotgun, and worldly-wise police “Interceptor“. Nevertheless Miller was limited to use of these small attributes, having placed the character in essentially new structure of events which is not connected with a plot of a tape of 1979 in any way. Thanks to it “The soldier is dear“ perfectly swept on screens of America, having paid back all possible costs for the creation at least by 6 times.

The director in many respects adopted a manner of Hollywood and shot film, absolutely atypical for the country. Nothing in the picture reminds the viewer that action happens in Australia. A green jackpot was replaced by a sad landscape of desert, dusty roads, and the kangaroos who stuck on teeth appear in a shot only in a dead look. The non American origin is guessed not so much visually how many in images of heroes. Total absence of pathos, briefness, brutal ugly faces of villains and very risky level of violence. In the States similar post-apocalyptic fighters “were most often killed“ with a children`s rating of PG - 13 or in general were dropped in a niche of salons of a video hire shop at once.

For Mel Gibson who will move to Hollywood only closer to the middle 80 - x, “Mad Max“ really became the one way ticket. Its film career in the homeland developed so promptly that he managed to act only in eight Australian films, three of which are, actually, movies about Mad Max. However in 1981 the name of the actor was absolutely unknown over the ocean and film distributors cut out close ups of Gibson from an advertizing trailer, leaving only shots with pursuits, firing and other scenes of action. Gibson understood too that he at all not Bert Reynolds therefore he did not take offense, and patiently waited for the hour which came in 1987 together with a premiere of “The deadly weapon“.

“Mad Max 2“ is a quintessence of a genre. Many elements of a picture are actively operated by cinematographers still. Take any modern post-apocalyptic fighter and you without effort will find common features. If in the first part Miller tried to dig more deeply in character of the hero, in his motives, shooting more likely the road - a muva the thriller, than the full movie of action, then the sequel turned out impetuous, prompt, storm and incredibly spectacular. Any computer special effects, only kaskadersky tricks, the sea of the crippled iron and a homeless doggie without sort and a name who so was afraid of a roar of the motor of “Interceptor“ that even just once celebrated from a fright need directly in a cabin of the well-known car. At the time of shootings the tape was the most expensive in the history of Australia, and smart explosion in the final - the most large-scale pyrotechnic effect. During production creators crushed more than 80 wheelbarrows and other self-propelled guns, and stuntmen constantly were on a hair finishing the career on a shooting stage of the movie.

Mal Gibson admitted to journalists more than once that the second part of the franchize is pleasant to him most of all. Even in spite of the fact that all road it terribly froze (the scorching sun in a shot - only visibility is warm, the tape was removed at all not in the summer), and in the scenario allocated for it only 16 phrases, one of which (“I came only for gasoline“) repeated twice. Gibson is, by the way, not only who after success of second “Mad Max“ moved to California. Much more after its example Bruce Spens (a grief - the pilot) by whose voice Sauron in the third part of “Lord of the Rings“ said subsequently followed. The charismatic villain Vernon Wells later kept four years the company to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fighter of “Kommando“, having played that bastard Bennet, “which exhausted“.

Sadly, but George Miller, also subsequently replaced a residence (its late tapes it is from the USA - “Istviksky witches“ and “Lorenzo`s Oil“), did not resist temptation to turn Max Rokatanski`s adventures into the trilogy. Alas, the third part under the name “Mad Max 3: Under a thunder dome“ where in the company with Gibson it is possible to contemplate Tina Turner (and to hear her well-known song “We Don`t Need Another Hero“), failed in all respects and it is considered among admirers of the franchize unsuccessful.