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“Greenhorns“. Whether there is exit?

of “Skins“ (the Russian option - “Greenhorns“) - the youth project of English Channel E4 which is letting out each half a year on a series season - found improbable popularity at teenagers of the whole world and is not going on it to stop.

Growth of number of his admirers in the Russian sector of the Internet became same sudden and unexpected as growth of those guys that in the 8th class were hardly noticeable behind a school desk, and after vacation knocked down a door jamb at an entrance to a class.

Millions of viewings, fan videos. Yesterday`s ugly ducklings put on heels and learn to do a make-up “as at Effie“, and the yesterday`s school students who played leading roles in series for half a year explode in supernew. It would seem, a difference between prudish English and violent Russian mentalities the size in an abyss, however on the new heels the step was necessary for Effie all that to predolet it. How to it it worked well and in what a riddle of such mad success of “Skins“?

At first sight, can seem that the reason of popularity of series - in what anarchy is created on the screen. Teenagers use foul language, drink and smoke, instead of a breakfast guzzle tablets as if it is corn flakes. Besides, the similar way of life is poeticized so ruthlessly - beautifully that the jaw with a roar falls about a floor.

To tell that this chanting of a decadence - one of the main reasons of popularity of “Skins“, will only be formal correct, in practice it is moralising nonsense. The audience loves “Skins“ because everything, shown on the screen, - the full truth.

Sex, drugs, fate - N - the beater is not just the slogan composed for a popular song. It is the song of pain and beauty which is given rise from experience of generations. In the nature there are no happy teenagers every day bringing a full portfolio of the five from school, is just the picture from advertizing.

Even if it so - reigns in their soul grandiose, fascinating hell. For this purpose it is enough to represent from a wrong side what happens in usual Russian school: drugs, chaotic sex, violence over himself and others - physical and moral and as one of heroes of “Skins“ told: “Parties, about my God, parties!“

Teenagers are just children who today suddenly ogrebl to the own harm all delights of the world and own device. These are eyes that a new view saw the habitual world and were terrified. The fine, scared, posing as geniuses evils and absolutely defenseless are people who trust really, people who have a chance.

The teenager is the real spiritual war. Clumsily swinging a sword, he without instruction struggles every day with himself and with the world for the internal light. Teenagers see in all beauty and suffer from anguish which did not dream doctor House also in a bad dream. And all this takes from “Skins“ the bark off - series which it is possible to call safely “The Catcher in the Rye“ our generation.

Relevance of social problems which are considered in series is presented in all color range: the homophobia, poverty, racism - seems, did not remain to any critical situation which would not be mentioned. However social problems are not a root, but only a necessary foreshortening for the real, internal problems.

Tony suddenly appears on the verge to understand the destiny and to accept responsibility for it. Cassie tries to run away from pain and learns that it is impossible. Here it becomes finally clear that the questions rising before youth of England, Russia or any other country - are frighteningly similar, be they social or personal. And any of them is not considered from the social point of view or eyes of “normal society“ - the lies created by television and dying together with it. The author is a person who together with the hero looks for a way out, just watches that the destiny will answer the hero and, having found this way out, breathes sigh of relief.

It is impossible to tell that “Skins“ is a universal instruction for all occasions. Along with the heroes who found a way out of the personal hell also those who did not understand yet act here. Mysterious history of Effie which it is, at first sight, banal goes crazy, comes to the end with the open final. However, if to look narrowly, it turns out that this strange, frankly mystical line - is very important.

Here for the first time on the screen, and especially in a format of youth series, it is so fairly told that our world is much wider than our ideas of it. Authors tell us a story of on what they do not know the answer, and consider the human being not from the point of view of a social element and as a nature riddle. It is especially important because such questions rise before people constantly, and, probably, at last, time to cease to ignore them came. In it it is necessary to hope meanwhile only for foreign projects because of full unproductivity of domestic. Really our cinema not that does not offer similar projects, and in itself reminds the hysterical teenager brought to paranoia by the Russian system of producing more and more.

These days there is the last series of the last generation “Skins“. All this looks as a victory. Creators of “Skins“ made something improbable. They inspired the huge mass of youth, having shown: you will find a way out of the most dark depths of an underworld, but if only you fight. And you from it will become stronger!

Showed honestly and obzhigayushche it is beautiful. Besides, they turned almost impossible marketing mix. Because for the project with similar success in this place there is an artful trap. Producers usually so strongly take a strong liking to the ratings that they seek to extort from series all possible, and exactly here the project, having died, begins to lose those ratings promptly.

However producers of “Skins“ declared that they finish series after the sixth season a release of two feature films. The project got huge success and did not suffer losses from greed, having rolled down in serial “juice extractor“.

Thus, on the example “Skins“ show that an exit is. However whether the Russian cinema has exit? I think, the same answer that for teenagers: we will surely win. But only if we fight.