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How to make a porch at the dacha with own hands?

the Final moment in the process of construction of giving or a country house - a porch construction. This design is intended for protection of an entrance against rainfall and has to be not only strong and convenient, but also beautiful. How it is correct to make a porch at the dacha? Let`s give several useful tips.

Generally, it is better to build a porch together with the house. Then they will have uniform basis and the general waterproofing. It will allow to avoid in the future such problems as a flash of the platform and steps, jamming of window shutters, cracks between the base of giving and basic racks of a porch. However we have many owners of country sites, wishing to save somehow, build the dwelling in parts. At first a house box, the next year - a verandah. And when finishing of all rooms is almost complete, begin to think how to make a porch with own hands. Here for such economical this article is also written.

It is necessary to begin with thinking over design of a porch which has to be combined with appearance of the house organically. If it timbered, bar-shaped or panel board, then to it it is correct to attach a wooden porch. If giving is put from a brick or concrete blocks, then and the entrance should be made corresponding, with finishing by expanded clay, clinker or metal. At the same time you should not forget about observance of proportions and sense of proportion. You should not do the size of a porch monumental if you have a small garden lodge. But also the board canopy with three steps which is attached to a stone cottage will look ridiculously too.

Besides, it is necessary to decide on a porch design correctly. Options here a little: rectangular, square, trapezoid and round platform. Estimate the size and an arrangement of a porch directly on the earth, having thrust pegs on its future perimeter. Solve where there will be steps, from the lateral or frontal face and as a handrail will be located. By the way, if steps at a porch more than three, then reliable handrail are simply necessary. Well and, at last, the design of a porch can be open, with a simple peak on two rod posts, and can be in the form of the terrace protected from all directions, in style of the Swiss chalet.

Still it is necessary to decide on selection of the corresponding materials. Do not forget that a porch - a construction street which for years will be subject to nature whims. Therefore all building materials for construction of a porch have to be qualitative. To use the remained scraps of boards and a bar, the dampened brick, packed cement and other waste it will be wrong.

In our climate will be to make a porch at the dacha without the base very not elaborately. Even the simple, laid on a sandy pillow, concrete plates will not help. Spring waters and rains will wash away soil under a porch that will lead sooner or later to its distortion. Therefore under a porch it is necessary to make the base too. Its choice is defined by the level of underground waters, soil type, weight and the size of the porch. - to dig out the simplest option for the sandy dry soil on hole corners, to fill up them with sand, from above to put square stone plates and to cover them from above with roofing material. - do not save the general council on the base for a porch. Then it will not be necessary to fight against cracks, the exfoliating facing or to enclose basic blocks under porch corners.

If you do a porch at the dacha by the hands, do not forget to fulfill some general requirements of technology of construction. A design of any construction, be it wooden, brick, concrete or metal, has to stand directly, without inclinations. For check use the construction level or a simple plumb.

How to make a porch with steps? Height a podstupenka has to be within 140 - 170 mm, and width appear 300 mm. Hand-rail for a handrail have to be 0,9 meters are located on the ball. Sves of a peak or a roof of a porch have to block an entrance zone completely and even with a stock. If the porch is wooden, then for protection against a fungus and rotting process its elements a liquid anti-septic tank and water-repellent structure. Process an extension from a brick impregnation against vysol (these are such white layered spots which spoil appearance of a bricklaying).

And as for finishing finishing of a porch, the choice is rather rich here: from an ondulin, a metal tile and an impressive siding, to a natural stone, a natural tile and a composite terrace board.

And if you involve labor from outside, then the cost of works on construction of a porch for dachas strongly varies. The simple wooden scaffold with a handrail and couple of steps will cost no more than 20 - 50 thousand rubles. The capital terrace from expensive material, besides on individual design, can cost also one million.