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What it is necessary to know about construction of frame country houses?

Who does not dream to have own housing on a bosom of the nature! However for many this dream too far: bar-shaped and brick houses not all on a pocket. It is not so simple to obtain in bank the long-term credit for construction too and some are scared. What to do?

Construction of the frame house can become the answer to a question. The technology of their construction in Russia is already fulfilled. Many who acquired such housing outdoors are happy.

The main advantage of the country houses built on frame technology - their rather small weight, speed of construction, ability to hold a cool in the summer and to keep heat in the winter, reliability and moderate cost.

The modern technology of such construction has several directions. Nevertheless there are two main types of frame houses: panel and frame which differ from each other on a way of construction.

The cheapest and simple frame country houses of panel type are panel board. Their design is familiar to many gardeners who aged. Collect such houses for several days from ready constructive elements - panels, factory fabricated: walls with the trimmed door and window openings, roof slopes and so forth. These panels do of the wooden whetstones or thick boards covered a hydra - Paro - and vetroizolyatsionny materials, and outside sheathe the house a block house or lining. For internal partitions and finishing of ceilings usually use a cheap hardboard.

Such panel board house is intended for summer accommodation. If it is supposed to come to the house and to off-season, then it should be warmed, for example, mats from expanded polystyrene or mineral wool.

The technology of construction of the panel board frame country house is simple. At first install wall panels on logs, and then to them roof elements fix. As a roofing covering usually use slate or the pro-thinned-out steel sheets. The starting price of such panel board house - 60 - 80 thousand rubles.

All-weather and more solid option of the frame house is built on the European technology. Here too use the multilayered large-size boards made at plant. Only in them the heater and some elements of engineering communications is already laid. On a site it will be required to collect all details of a design only. However it must be kept in mind that their delivery to a site and construction of walls and roofs of such frame house requires transport and load-lifting equipment. Also the platform for placement of elements of a design will be necessary. It, undoubtedly, will lead also to rise in price of construction of the country house. Usually the price of such frame structure makes at least 1,2 million rubles.

There is rather new and cheaper Canadian technology of construction of frame houses for the platform system. Here ready panels do of inexpensive is focused - struzhechny plates (SMALLPOX) which fasten on a rack framework. Such panels can be assembled directly on a building site. Them fix on the prepared basis or a platform in specially cut through grooves. Such design allows without heavy machinery build the country house to several floors. Then emptiness in panels between edges of a framework fill with a heater, establish doors and windows, sheathe walls outside and from within the corresponding material and carry out finishing finishing. The initial cost of such frame country houses on the Canadian technology - 600 thousand rubles.

At panelno - frame houses there are a lot of general advantages. The main thing, they do not demand construction of powerful expensive bases. If on a site the soil rather dense (sandy loam, loam, clay), then is sufficient tape option. If soil weak (sand or peat), then as the base is better to use an integral concrete plate or the pile base. Such houses are not subject to shrinkage therefore right after completion of construction it is possible to start finishing works. Such new house will be dry, warm and will stay not one decade if, of course, it is made of qualitative raw materials with observance of all rules of technology of assembly.

Of course, in technology of construction of frame country houses there are also shortcomings . In - the first, the choice of architectural options is limited. Civil engineering firms offer no more than 4 - 6 standard projects. In - the second, construction of the panel board frame house will require a big building site for placement of bulky ready panels, and even work of load-lifting equipment.

And here the technology of assembly karkasno - frame country houses is considered simpler. In this case materials for construction (boards, a bar, lining, finishing materials, fasteners, profiles, door and window blocks and so forth) accurately place on a site and here carry out cutting, adjustment and assembly of details of the house. In the beginning the so-called skeleton of a construction from racks and crossbeams is made. Then the facade and a roof are revetted, and from within, between framework edges, stack a heater and fix vapor barrier. After that floor, form ceilings and sheathe internal part of walls. If in such house there is a heating system, then it is possible to live in it also in the winter.

At cost frame frameworks of the house occupy certain “golden mean“ - from 150 to 500 thousand rubles. Obvious advantages - it is not necessary to be spent for expensive construction equipment. All work in power to crew from 2 - 5 masters. Here to you and the answer to a question as most to build the frame country house.

In the list of frame country houses a little independently there are constructions constructed on technology fakhverk. You will not call them cheap in any way (from 3 million rubles), but they are reliable and very beautiful. The main feature of their design - the strong bearing framework from a glued bar with vertical (are resistant), horizontal (beams) and inclined planes (struts and struts) beams.

How it is correct to build the frame house? Now there is a lot of civil engineering firms offering services in construction of such houses. At the conclusion of the contract pay special attention to guarantee certificates which are undertaken by the builder.