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Why teeth of

Teeth - not such a simple thing, in any case, for all of us with you hurt. At least, “painful“. Nevertheless, it is necessary to treat them, and we will be able to make all this. It is necessary to tell that in an organism there are many systems of similarity and functional communications. Reaches that all our bodies have “representatives“ - points on all body: these are classical Chinese channels which are the cornerstone of all traditional east methods of diagnostics and therapy and which points come both to hands, and to feet, to the sky and even to language. So all our organism is penetrated by an invisible network of power information communications. It is not necessary to be surprised here especially as even the mechanism of transfer of the elementary nervous impulse (a thing - that, in general, functional), so to say, is investigated still very much - very much and very few, that is the general idea about mechanisms of transfer is, but, in general, all this.
at the same time just the same representatives of bodies and systems are our teeth. At the same time perhaps two scenarios of development of our disease (certainly, diseases of our teeth):
1. Usual processes (happen most often). When in connection with dysfunction of certain bodies the teeth corresponding to these bodies are left by calcium, suppuration, an inflammation and, again - in connection with appropriate authority or system begins. By the way, secondary process is also unpleasant - after tooth aches“, it begins to influence appropriate authority therefore here that unpleasant pathogenic communication (a pathogenesis ring) is formed.
2. Also the return option is possible - when process begins with tooth. But it is, as a rule, simple traumatism (that on milk teeth occurs at children rather often). So, the child fell, tooth is injured and as tooth is a part of a live organism - some time goes its dying, at the same time it injures appropriate authority or system (just in case, the plate in the following section - “Bodies and teeth“).
at the same time are possible three global processes (in general):
- calcium leaving (it is connected with process of an erosion);
- suppuration (purulent education in teeth and gums);
- growth (new growths on gums).
Omitting detailed communication, we will notice that the calcium exchange in our organism is defined generally by functioning of a bladder. At the same time the bladder can be in two pathogenic states (there is, certainly, also the third, but it is norm) - in a condition of hyperfunction (the typical diagnosis “cystitis“), and in a phase of hypofunction (Qatar). At the same time on a hyperfunction phase (which, in general, not always reaches an inflammation stage that is expressed in cystitis), failure of an exchange of calcium at which calcium will not be acquired at receipt in an organism from foodstuff will be observed. Therefore however many drank milk, would eat eggs and cottage cheese - all by. On the second phase (which comes always after an inflammation) calcium not only will not be acquired, but even on the contrary, will be removed from an organism. The first phase is dangerous that teeth are badly formed. Also it is extremely bad at children`s age (from - for what, in general, and there is the wrong formation of teeth). The second phase arises aged is more senior, and here we have destruction of gums (they become friable of - for calcium leaving), deformation and a softening of nails, and also “all darling“ osteoporosis.
concerning suppuration. It is caused by work of kidneys which define processes of desintoxication and at their wrong functioning cause suppuration (generally speaking, in all bodies and systems), real processes begin according to the scheme “where something is thin, that`s where it tear“. At the same time we have cysts, eels, even allocations become gnoyepodobny (gray, smelly), plus “that“ unpleasant smell from a mouth (a decay smell). By the way, this smell is caused rather simply: kidneys provoke decrease in immunity (local protective energy of a mouth), from - for what there is a sharp surge in development of bacterial forms, and already they create that smell.
the Provoker of all these troubles is lyuis - homeopathic miasmata, meaning natural constitutional tendency to this type of pathogenesis. To define whether the child is inclined to it a miasma, it is rather simple: right after the birth there is a system disease which in homeopathy and in the people, was called as a scrofula earlier, and now as children`s diathesis. It occurs according to the scheme of a hyperactivity of urinogenital system, kidneys, a gall bladder, at the same time the raised zhelchevydeleniye causes such extent of violation mucous (an inflammation mucous, dizbakterioz) when normal work of walls of intestines is broken and it badly acquires food, badly removes toxins. Therefore that intestines are not capable to remove in a toilet bowl it throws out on skin as the replacing desintoxication window. Sweat, except thermal control function, provides also desintoxication function, but skin, certainly, it is not ready to a such task (to work instead of intestines), from - for what there is a violation of integuments, and emission of toxins creates those “crusts“.
So as we understood here, health of our teeth is defined already in the childhood. By the way, at its this stage it would also be necessary to correct especially as all this is possible and it is not even difficult at all. Concerning outgrowths (new growths on gums). The third option of processes is much more unpleasant. At the same time it must be kept in mind that these processes are defined by a sikotichesky orientation (one more miasmata, or the homeopathic constitution). Anything clever and kind it does not speak about as this constitution leads to development of a serious mental illness and oncology (generally, it is clear to all, a new growth it is a new growth and is, here “new growth“ - a degeneration phase - significantly differs from “inflammation“ - a hyperactivity phase, but also it is possible to cope with them though, of course, without special therapy it will be difficult, but it is possible).