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What do all happy people have the general?

the Most part of our life we live in a family, at first with the family, and then in the family. Proceeding from it, the our ability to build good relations with people around, and especially with close people, the more happiness is higher we test!
Is good if we since the childhood are brought up in a safe family in which parents naturally instill in us the correct values and views, by the example, bring up in us as it is correct to build relationship.
Much more rare happens that growing people, intuitively reach for the complete antithesis of what is seen during a growing, in a dysfunctional family. And having strong desire fortunately, making necessary actions and acts, find it!
What all happy people have the general? Qualities of character! All happy people are kind, honest, responsible, pious, generally, have more positive lines, than negative.
Can you met happily living people who possess not a large amount of virtues, and have generally negative lines? Perhaps, you know People angry, greedy, envious, mean etc. who at the same time have good relations in a family, with the family, relatives, friends? I speak about internal feeling of happiness, but not about external, material factors of success.
Therefore, do qualities of character us by rather successful and happy people!
The a large number of merits we have, the we attract people with blagochestivy in the life.
Often happens so that the decent girl is attracted by the guy with doubtful reputation, or the positive guy experiences desire to the windy, but beautiful girl. Whether the question in that will manage to them to be happy together with each other, long time? Thus, destiny, reducing them in the place, corrects, on means of sufferings, thinking of people, without forgiving absence of knowledge, and sometimes and just banal not desire to listen and to treat opinion of parents or just senior people with respect. If to be more attentive, almost always we receive, often useful tips, from parents and close people who from outside often see possible result of similar communication of young people.
Working on itself, but not on others, generating in itself merits of character and fighting against negative lines, each of us is capable to affect the life really! Probably, only similar approach and of course the help of God, are capable to give us the chance everything for our happiness, to live all life with Darling, to become each other halves!