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Whether there are thoughts at animals?

Are considered that the animal cannot think of, but this statement raises doubts, and all of us know examples of when the animal shows conscious actions from information sources. For example, calls the person for himself somewhere to show him that someone needs the help.

Boundary and other guard dogs sometimes make acts which indicate ability of animals to think and make the decision.

Or such example. At the dacha relatives had in the spring once a big Siamese cat who, most likely, was lost though cats find owners for many kilometers, this was thrown. Then said to me that at a cat moustaches in order that he did not find the road back home were cut. It was named unexpected, not so cat`s - Innokenti.

The behavior of a cat in relation to owners of giving who said that a cat tender, at that time when giving was avoided by all neighbour`s cats and dogs was surprising. This cat Innokenti ate cucumbers and everything that it was given, without any claims in return. All the behavior it showed to owners of the seasonal dacha the usefulness.

The cat met and saw off owners of giving when they periodically went to the city, and all the behavior showed that he good, and as if asked that he was not expelled. It showed that it is capable to support itself, bringing to people of the caught mice and different birds, not understanding why take away from him and let out the caught baby birds. At the same time never snapped when took away its production from it.

The animal acted consciously and it must be assumed that it had rudiments of some reason. In the city apartment owners of giving already had a cat, and upon termination of a summer season the relative carried away a cat on plant where itself worked, and I think, the roof and food for Innokenti were provided.

Is at animals of feeling? Certainly, sensory perception of the person - atavism of animal its state. We learn wildlife all ten sense organs which through subconsciousness influence behavioural reactions of the person. Our mentality demands from us feelings joyful, good, pleasant which we test at the balanced biochemistry of a brain. Probably presence of the same desires and at animals.

Animals have a mind? Is, of course. The outlook of animals includes studying of world around including the person, by supervision over its actions. Domestic cats and dogs do not approach, for example, the owner when that sleeps, and many cases when they awake the owner at the moment of danger are described. Dogs and cats are clever, they are capable to treat themselves and know what medicines will help them to strengthen the health.

Whether is at animals of emotion? Certainly. We can observe in behavior at them such emotions as a fright, rage, caress. In the wild nature, for example, when in a round-up kill the she-wolf dominating in pack, the leader develops all pack and conducts it without paying attention to losses to the hunter who made a shot. Such behavior of the leader of pack going in this case on obvious death shows existence at it of feelings or emotions.

It is possible to tell that in “person and animal“ steam only the person is conscious, and the dog or a cat have no consciousness and when the dog bears to the owner of a slipper - it is only reflexes conditional and unconditional about which we read in school textbooks. To claim about changes of mental abilities of an animal and the person, it is necessary to know well that these abilities change.

For this purpose it is necessary to confirm in the empirical way essence of a relativism of consciousness not only the person, but also an animal.

Whether the dog has a mind? Is, certainly, and it is proved repeatedly, that a dog - the first cultivated animal. The possibility of knowledge of truth is relative, the possibility of the statement of different assumptions allows to fix a possibility of aspiration of the person to knowledge of communications with world around.

Degree of knowledge of objectively existing communications of the person and world around determines the level of consciousness of the person as relative ability to reflect completeness of interactions in thinking of the person. And at an animal? Whether there can be a relative ability of thinking at an animal? In social development of the person there is the logic, and in sequence of development of animals - the.

The reflection as a source of knowledge has sensual, empirical, psychological character and describes internal experience of the conceiving subject. The logical reflection contacts process intellectual when the person understands: “I think“. What in this case the dog, a cat or other pet understands? Whether it when about reflexes out of the question can understand and think?

Probably, can. Here wrote much about horses that they understand the owner nearly from only one look. The Cossack horses differed in ingenuity, taking out wounded Cossacks from fight. The famous TV host B. Nevzorov presented to ability of the horse who is able to read and write. In the press it was said that some horse draws and her pictures sell for money, but this “psychosis“ of a modernism is rather connected with the person, but not with a horse.

With dolphins and other marine animals for a long time different experiments are made. And then, probably, it is not necessary to exclude the fact that the person in the nature once was long ago an animal too and now thinks. However, since then fifty thousand years passed, and thoughts of some individuals “õîìî“ still do not exceed mental abilities of a modern animal.

Who knows, maybe, through ten thousand of years and other animals will appear as conceiving and will start talking...