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Everything is clear to jealousy, and there are no proofs?

in general the man`s and female jealousy is similar: can have the form of easy suspiciousness, can be sharp, infinitely making coexistence, and in some cases, having become boring, can become as if organic part of the relations of partners, a way of life.

Are jealous at officially not properly executed relations more.

In couples with an essential age difference is jealous younger much stronger in the beginning, and in the second half of a way - who is more senior.

Women often are jealous in a situation when they for years stay at home with small children, and the husband goes to work. It has a wide range of communication, and it remains an opportunity the limited focus of interest to supplement with work of imagination...

The female jealousy is broader: the woman equally sharply is jealous also at suspicion of change and if the man just shows attention to other lady even if it is about work. Not only physical fidelity of the partner, but also quality of the emotional relations is important for the woman. The man is jealous more sharply when suspects of sexual change. It can quietly treat love of the wife if it does not bear threat to continuation of its own sort. At the same time the female rage is directed to a thicket to the imaginary or real competitor, man`s - to the wife suspected of change.

It is considered that most painfully are jealous suspecting of betrayal of the wife. Special sufferings to them deliver fluctuations from thoughts that “it was exchanged“, to hope that it seemed to it, and all here - here will return into place. Uncertainty of a situation gives it an exclusive tyagostnost. In this sense to the mistress who knows about presence of the wife, can be easier a droplet: she should not guess and wander in illusions. If both know about existence of each other, will not envy them: they for years can wait when darling makes a choice for one of them, suffer, hope, trust, fall into a despair, extend promises, trust further, even suspecting about their unrealizability. Everything, as at Neyelova and Gundareva in a classical “Autumn marathon“.

For men - lovers the jealousy is atypical. In a broad sense such communication only obliges him to take care of that collateral applicants for its “inheritance“ were not formed. At the same time often the man feels like the winner who cuckolded to the rival.

One more difference - the woman quite often, coquetting, provokes jealousy of the partner. It is simple to lift degree of the relations. So, at Pushkin we read:

You are faithful to me: why you like
to frighten Always my imagination?
Is surrounded admirers with crowd,
Why for all you want to seem to the darling,
I of all gives vain hope
your wonderful look, gentle, sad?

of the Woman much izoshchrenny men in the invention of ways of tracing incorrect: she can unexpectedly be for work or an office party, to come back home suddenly, happens, catches on reservations, monitors changes in clothes, makes the schedule of its delay, sets a trap from ready to do a favor girlfriends, overhears, studies detective stories and espionage books to adopt professional methods of intelligence agencies. And such accumulation of proofs happens secretly, weeks, months, years. The man, perhaps, is not capable of it. Suspected - blew up - for it more typically.

For the southern people bright manifestations of jealousy - in the nature of things. In the Finnish culture emotional manifestations of jealousy are considered humiliating for both partners. However at the same time experts note that the number of murders and attempts of murder because of jealousy grew. It seems that avoiding a showdown, the jealous man passes to punishment at once.