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The jealousy rules the world?

the Jealousy is natural. The man will not be able to fall in love with the woman if he does not love women. The same can be told also about the woman: she can fall in love with the man, only if she likes men in general. The love to other floor defines ability to a sexual response to his appeal (Louen).

The jealousy has as biological sources in instincts of self-preservation and continuation of life, and historical roots.

It is known that the Man - the variability carrier, the Woman - the heredity carrier, the continuer of a sort.

In the research conducted at the American university, to unfamiliar students and students suggested to hold a party in the house of inviting. When directly, sexual contact was in plain terms offered girls, any did not agree to it. But 75% of men were ready to go immediately to a bed with the girl who only winked at them. The instruction given by the nature acts on instinctive level: the reproduction has to be qualitative. Means, the woman has to be legible in the choice of the partner. From all options it is more preferable to it there is a devoted and reliable man who is able to take care of the family and posterity.

Besides the woman it is important that in a family accumulated, without leaving “on the left“, and certain appliances for cultivation healthy and, figuratively speaking, happy posterity.

Therefore on the first the look can seem that at the woman much more the reasons to be jealous men and to watch their commitment to interests of a family.

In historical aspect it, however, not so.

During long human history the man had to live on a limit of physical capacities: hunting, development and protection of new lands, construction of the dwelling. It demanded the huge tension of forces with the subsequent their restoration in silence and rest. Therefore to the man it was important and still actual to have the house, a family, the place where he could have a rest from the getter`s duties. Because - that the man seeks to choose such woman who can carry out a role of the keeper of the center.

Besides, from history we know that in primitive society men and women had unlimited sexual relations that excluded any opportunity to establish the father, determined an origin only by mother. The jealousy did not exist. In process of emergence of property - an excess skin of a mammoth, cattle, house utensils, money, - the man there is important an indisputability of an origin of his children as successors: to them to enter possession of fatherly property. To provide fidelity of the woman and consequently, and an origin of children from a certain father, the husband takes away reins of government in the hands and is jealous if the woman shows tendency to violation of a framework of a family.

Thus, it is impossible to define who is jealous more: men or women.

Nevertheless on force and nature of manifestation of jealousy there are many distinctions.

Manifestations of jealousy in many respects depend on a character warehouse, on culture of emotions, temperament, on infantile, children`s and adult experience. Where when they can overstep the limits of accepted?

Apart from pathological jealousy, there are two extreme options of manifestation of jealousy: active and passive .

In the first case the jealous man develops rough activities for tracing of “incorrect“, controls different aspects of its pastime: for example, calls on work or tries to catch mobile, to check to whom calls and the maintenance of SMS are addressed. Life of such couple abounds with reproaches, discontent, skirmishes and infinite showdowns. There are also extreme cases when the spouse regularly looks round, his pockets are searched, e-mail under control, and new female (or man`s) a name in phone - a reason for scandal.

At passive jealousy the partner as if inadvertently is interested why the second half was late after work that occurred on an office party, softly, unostentatiously builds questions - traps or just plunges into own thoughts of possible scenarios of development of an undesirable situation. Reproaches and a claim are not made. In such cases the jealous man feels that there are no real reasons for jealousy, and cavils or the statement of fears from its party can cause offense to another, break already fragile balance. Even at reasonable jealousy when it is authentically known of change, partners, internally suffering, can abstain from presentation of claims, realizing that the rupture of the relations which is sometimes more terrible than the change fact can follow it.

Strangely enough, the passive form of manifestation of jealousy often is followed even by more intensive experiences and sufferings, than active. As a result not expressed feelings and torments quite often lead to violation of physical health. Therefore it is worth remembering that the address to the expert is prevention of a somatic disease.