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What means to make thrifty use of the word? An internal form of the word

I Will begin with the quotes suitable on a subject. In everything I want to reach the essence (B. Pasternak). Words at us, to important most, become a habit, decay as a dress... (V. Mayakovsky)

the Disconnect TV

In linguistics is the concept “internal form of the word“. The form is shape, appearance, an order of the sounds making it. And what internal the form means? Linguists formulate so: it is ability of the word to find communication with the origin. That is to cause associations which arise at connection of the parts making it. Let`s tell, under - soln - ech - a nickname. Value of a prefix under is clear. A root - the sun ; value of a suffix a nickname is perceived purely intuitively: the subject connected in some way with value of a root. Compare: subwindows nickname , raspberries nickname , subheadlights nickname .

At one words the internal form is traced very distinctly, at others is erased, almost lost. For example, word rubbish . It is what tore up . Tore apart and threw out as something absolutely lost value. In words worthless a joke, worthless the person of communication with what tore up is not felt at all. But these words are how brighter will be apprehended what bright paints will play if to restore a chain of associations.

One remarkable clear head who is able to be surprised compared our relation to words with the disconnect TV.

There is to itself a box on a bedside table in a corner, becomes dusty. Why it is necessary? And goodness knows? The vase for flowers can be put or what souvenir. It is - and all. We have enough.

But here someone came and included. And at once - delight, pleasure of opening! And the word “TV“ was filled with new contents.

And could not come and not include. So we also lived all life just with a box.

the Impartial witness

Here is the word “true“ - real, truthful, valid. From where it undertook? From “truth“ - the fact that is .

And the word - a synonym “original“? Really from length? What communication between “length“ and “truth“?

It appears, is. And in the 16th century, during Ivan the Terrible`s era, Russians very well felt this communication. Then was considered that tells the truth of people, only when to him it is painful, that is under torture. The truth was beaten out by means of sticks - they were called “lengths“. What is told “under length“ - truth.

From where the back grows?

One of the most effective ways to understand what really means the word, - to understand as it is constructed from what details. To get to the bottom from where “back“ grows.

There is such word “oath“. At - syag - at our valorous soldiers solemnly accept. Is at - syazh - N - ye assessors. Is not - to - syag - and - I eat - aya height. It is possible for on - syag - and - t on someone`s advantage. What between words of the general? From where the back grows?

It appears, in Old Slavic there was a word “syagat“ - to touch. “At - a syaga“ literally - a touch to an oath subject. Respectively, jurors - those that recited the oath, swore, a polozha a hand on the constitution (in the West - on the Bible), to be extremely objective.

From here clear are words “not-to-syagayemy“ and “on-to syagat“. But it is even more interesting that from this root there was a word about - syaz - and - N - iye (syag / ñÿç as friends / friends). It is only possible to perceive having touched something.

Ability to feel an internal form of the word - a literacy basis.

I am a teacher. And every year is not enough for me at a lesson of time for program material more and more. If eleventh-graders without a moment`s hesitation write: a nature uvidaniye, mysterious reduction , it is impossible just to correct errors here, here it is necessary “to turn on the TV“.

At one of Russian lessons I dictated as an example to the rule Chinghiz Aitmatov`s statement: “If not to make thrifty use of the word, it loses the manpower“. Truism! But (it is necessary!) the caustic pupil got. Carefully - it is as? In relation to a dress, to equipment - it is clear, to the person - too. And it is careful - to the word?

Overtaken unawares, I tried to utter indistinctly that it is necessary to put it in the necessary form, to surround with words which do not contradict its sense. And then understood - a little it.

As we like to flaunt as required a “fashionable“ word, very approximately imagining its value! It is especially lucky the word “nanotechnology“. The word of honor, I heard how from not really high tribune (so, city scale) it is not really high, but the put official from education broadcast about need of application of nanotechnology of century. to pedagogics. (Interestingly, it - as if is “nano“ one milliard part of a whole?)

Probably, it is culture sign - not to use words which value you do not understand. To make thrifty use of the word - to use it exclusively “appropriately“. But for this purpose it is necessary to know its semantic value extremely precisely. That is “to turn on the TV“.