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“Sherlock Holmes. Game of shadows.“ Review. “Stop Earth, I will descend“.

After across Europe the real epidemic of mysterious murders and crimes our old friends is rolled - detectives are obliged to stop their author - the evil genius professor Moriarty. Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson again in business!
the Second part of the screen version of the world famous best-seller from Guy Ricci at last came out. So, Misters, all of beer at my expense: you will find in the new movie all that was pleasant to you in previous, only in a threefold dosage. Excellent camerawork, the author`s view of work there was even more nontrivial, Sherlock performed by Downey even more madman, Lo as Watson even more charming. Special effects and other technical lotions - trap at every turn and are executed at the highest level. You are expected by the powerful and qualitative fighter.
However, in the movie is several strangenesses which as then it appears, have the general root. In - the first, Guy Ricci as if the young gamer on the second week Half - Layfa, forgets about any human relations at all, he is concerned only by explosions, firefights and a stock of grenades. As a result, when Iren Adler who was for Sherlock love of all life dies - at Holmes eyes in the one and only shot then it cheerfully uparkhivat further are hardly moistened to wet monsters. And so - with enviable constancy therefore there is an impression that the movie was shot by some gifted autist.
In - the second, at Guy Ricci is undoubted comedy gift. It is clear even to those who are not an extreme fan of his creativity - to track on the example of Sherlock enough: as soon as the director affords comedy tone - at last live and real shots begin. However, Ricci for some reason hesitates of them and right there turns as if in a hurry muttering: “Yes we at all not about it“, there is enough automatic machine again and runs to take out to villains brains.
B of the third, Guy Ricci is famous for the author`s speed: installation in its movies is always made so rhythmically and loudly as if someone assembles the automatic machine. Action accelerates and slowed down to create feeling that you are carried on speed limit on walls, bear along a corridor in a bag with the weapon. But in this concrete case the director is not going to be slowed down: it accelerates, is stronger and stronger, so, that begins to seem to you that you watch the movie on the accelerated rewind. You seize hands a chair before begging: “Hey, the chief, stop!“ And the chief does not hear. He runs, to him is cheerful.
However, despite everything after viewing from your lips will not break any bad word: all this madhouse was so sincere. Besides, the cinema made on an art joint of the present and times Conan - Doyle, in mix from ancient suits and strictly modern special effects, is wrapped in most wildly stylish stimpanok.
as a result, thanks to hot professionalism at authors turned out the qualitative and vigorous fighter. It should be noted that in it there is a huge merit of Robert Downey - younger which, acting in movies - a something ephemeral it is, seemingly, unexpected for itself approaches own genius. At the same time sexual and tragic, but also deeply human, without pathos drop - such is his Sherlock Holmes. And the most important, despite execution jambs, Guy Ricci everything is manages on the run to execute action of the real adventure spirit. In end It is necessary to tell: you should not be surprised strongly if you find in the movie of Stephen Frei playing Maykroft Holmes`s role - he, as before, will not disappoint you, and, I hope, will be pleasantly surprised with Jared Harris`s game, very convincing as professor Moriarty. So, “Sherlock Holmes“: fascinating action and excellent game of unsurpassed actors - if you, of course, manage to make out their faces.