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How to feel free? You take

A and present yourself free. Present how every day you wake up at the same time from the fact that to you very warmly in spite of the fact that you sleep without blanket. You wake up at once, without additional five minutes as here.
you Wake up and you understand - you are happy. And not because got paid, paid a mortgage or bought the car, and simply - it is happy. And the first that you do - you smile. Presented? It is pleasant? Give
further. You get up and take a shower, put on that the first appeared in hands even if is in what you were yesterday. Especially, if is in what you were yesterday. You throw into a bag with the long handle everything that it seems to you important for this moment. For all day you can get nothing from there, but now to you it is important, and itself cannot oppose and refuse. You put on Vietnamese and you go. Just you go where it is pleasant to you, you represent? And with that speed which is pleasant, but it is obligatory on the left side of the road, you hear? So local told
of the Leg bring you on the beach. Now only to you to choose where you will be. You want to have breakfast? Over there sheyk costs, you see? There tasty coffee and sandwiches, I tried. Also present that you nothing have to nobody now. You want - it is possible to go to another, only do not depart far from this sunk barge, it our reference point. On the coast? Give. You feel how the tender sea gently licks heels, and you look back to understand how long it will remember you as long your traces will wash away waves. And you it is joyful that they are washed away not by the first, but the third or fourth. You imagine that you and in heart of Goa for a long time will remain
Suddenly you will want to touch sand, as if greeting India. And so to you it is suddenly quiet and sand streams between fingers is tender and lazy, gently welcoming you. She waited for you! She remembers you, hear?
I suddenly from the right eye on a cheek will spread a tear. You waited for it too. And you are very glad. Also it is quiet. You sit in shorts as the yogi, on the edge of water. And waves wash away sand from - under your legs. And here you already merged with Goa. Without being tired, through points you watch how the sun sits down and then, after all having got hungry, get up and go to a neck about which I spoke. Present only, you stayed almost all day ashore It seemed, it is impossible But you with Goa already concluded the love alliance. To you nothing is already terrible, the truth?