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How reality to make iridescent?

Reality are what happens to the person “here“, “now“, “now“, that is at the moment or a life instant. At first sight, a little abstrusely.

With these words philosophers and psychologists, sometimes physicists and mathematicians, people working with power, who are fond of mysticism, numerology, unknown and nonconventional sciences quite often operate (occult or esoteric).

However from it the concept of reality does not become more more beautiful or is more volume, it is more or less. Reality is that “here“, “now“ and “now“. Reality - what exists actually.

The first ideas of reality were comprehended in philosophy of the Ancient world still by Platon and Aristotle. At that time it was identified with various immaterial and material forms of life. During the Middle Ages era reality began to designate the things possessing “considerable extent“ of life. The most advanced stage of life was attributed to God. Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, Berkeley and many other philosophers, and psychologists considered concept of reality and did the conclusions.

The materialistic tradition developed by Marx and Engels became an important stage of understanding and treatment of reality. They considered reality objective and subjective. Objective - all material world in general, and subjective - spiritual reality which is identified with consciousness and its activity. The theorists and practitioners studying reality divide it into two look. Natural, that is generated by the nature, and artificial - created as a result of creative activity of people.

The prime cause of reality in which we live is thought. The thought is a basis of creativity and its consequence - artificial reality. As we think, and we live. We think negatively, we think badly of someone, we condemn, we criticize, we allow dirty thoughts to occupy our reason, as a result we receive a black vital strip. We think correctly, we think positively, we accept people and the world with pluses and minuses, we enjoy life, we receive favorable events and excellent real life.

Try once to blink. It`s a go. Present - it is an instant already in the past. Not without reason in the song it is sung: “There is only an instant between the past and future, it is called life“. It`s true. Reflect over it. How many times you aimlessly blinked how many tears shed in vain how many times badly thought of someone, covered that is called with “tender words“ - and all this your reality, that which you to yourself created at the level of thought.

Now think of when you last time embraced the husband, the sister, the brother, the child and told that you love them. Here it, positive instant of reality. Thought at the level of thought to embrace, then embraced and spoke: “I love you“, - and smiled. It is an excellent instant of your life, the reality created by you. And such beautiful, joyful, gentle and lovely moments in your life let will be infinite much.

Make the reality successful, successful, multi-colored, and only yours. Take for the reality only bright colors of pencils - thoughts and ornament it proceeding from own imagination.

Do not hesitate, use the most solar and iridescent tone. You it are worthy.