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Whether it is necessary to you pass - automatic telephone exchange?

the Established and high-quality telecommunication - guarantee of successful effective work and the smallest enterprise, both big organization, and large solid company. For small firms which state several people enter several contact phones are enough.

And if staff makes fifteen workers or even more, and the selected telephone numbers limited number - from three to five? And employees accommodate in separate offices, have separate workplaces, and access to phone lines to make and receive calls, to conduct negotiations on phone, to accept and send faxes is at least periodically necessary for each of them for efficiency of working process? The companies - producers of the telephone equipment suggest to solve these problems with the help of their equipment checked for years - pass - automatic telephone exchange and automatic telephone exchange, at choice.

Modern tiny autonomous telephone exchanges look as compact electronic devices, and work at base of the existing phone line. Tasks pass - automatic telephone exchange - ensuring high-quality external and internal telecommunication. Pass autonomous telephone exchanges save funds of the company and provide actual additional conveniences, allowing to unite in one complete system phone with the computer, the modem, the fax and even the auto attendant.

Existence in the company even of one phone line at installation on it pass - the automatic telephone exchange gives the chance to any employee freely to contact any division of the company, without loading at the same time the main city line and to quickly resolve working issues.

In function pass - the automatic telephone exchange enters distribution, the redirection, readdressing and interception of the entering phone calls, and at establishment of the special limiter it is possible to introduce restrictions for quantity of outgoing calls of the company. It is also possible to set if necessary the conference mode, and by means of phone to hold necessary meetings and negotiations on phone not only with the staff of the company, but also with the telephone subscribers of the third-party organizations attached to other city numbers.

Tariffing of the calls entering and proceeding by means of established pass - automatic telephone exchange or by usual automatic telephone exchange it is made according to the special program. In memory of the computer all information and history of negotiations is saved.

Modern pass - automatic telephone exchanges have a possibility of connection of the convenient day and night modes. All calls coming on number after the termination of the working day and to the weekend are not lost, and readdressed to the auto attendant, fixed on the fax or remain on security point. If necessary there is an opportunity to make listing of the entering and outcoming calls with the exact indication of time when there was this or that call, its duration and cost.

Thanks to installation pass - automatic telephone exchange, you will not lose the clients in case of impossibility will phone on your telephone number, busy phone line or your absence on a workplace. You will always remain available to communication.