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The fantastic fighter “To remember everything“. What, if all your life - only a dream?

are heavy to be that whom actually you are not. Difficulties of transformation involve affectedness of feelings, emotional instability, and at worst - a split personality. Exceptional cases when the object and does not assume what leads others life are considered as an exception and plays on a foreign field.

What to do if all your existence - no more than someone`s evil invention and profanation? This sacramental question with gloss is answered by a duet of the Dutch director Paul Verhoeven and the famous Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fantastic fighter of 1990 “To remember everything“, removed based on Filip K. Dick`s story.

… Daglas Quade dreams dreams about Mars. Nightmares, generally. In the dreams the hard worker never leaving native Earth hangs around orange dusty rocks with the charming brunette and, having made buldge out eyes, chokes with a lack of oxygen. Why wakes up in cold sweat. But remains it is unshakable in the decision to visit the Red planet, despite excuses of the wife and colleagues on Stakhanov work. The benefit that in the future it is simpler to make such trip the soared turnip.

However respectable Dag does not want to afflict the spouse therefore chooses for himself compromise option, having stealthily registered in inclusion in Vospominaniya firm. Advertizing promises that artificially implanted memory will not be worse than a real-life trip. Skrepya teeth, Quade agrees to false memoirs. Especially as the crafty clerk puts off to him the bonus program of visit of Mars as the secret agent. Considering that the real Mars is shrouded in permanent expectation of civil war and a salary at Dag not particularly what, he subscribes under a substitute. Without suspecting that this innocent prank will change all his life.

Without having managed to send the client to the paid sanatorium, konovala from travel agency dig out in a subsoil of a brain of Quade someone the erased memory site. Having hastily patched deeds, the patient is released wherever one wishes, but already late. Enemies, having found out about Dag`s adventures, arrange on him hunting.

To understand the personality, the earthling is forced to go to Mars in the old antiquated way. On the place it will manage to eradicate local tyranny, to exempt the whole planet from slavery and asthma and to merge at sunset a kiss with the beautiful brunette from his terrestrial dreams …

After more than 20 years Verhoeven`s picture became classics of a genre and acquired really cult status among fans of Schwarzenegger. Not only because the script of the movie is based on really standing literary work of the popular fantast and was developed within 10 years, but not written on knees by request for exclusively commercial purposes. And not because connected to the Iron Arney project turned the whippet accountant Kuyel into the mogutny uncle Quade, the savior of planets. Just authors “To remember everything“ treated the creation with due respect and did everything possible that their movie did not pass unnoticed.

For these purposes Arnold personally forced to make a copy of types and landscapes of the Red planet, trying to obtain the greatest realness of the picture. As the main make-up artist of the movie the glorified expert Rob Bottin working on such tapes as “Something“ Carpenter, Ridley Scott`s “Legend“ and “Robocop“ was invited. On the last Bottin`s acquaintance to Dutch Verhoeven who removed the first full Hollywood project also took place. Legendary Gerry Goldsmith, the author of music to “Stranger“, “Rambo“ and “Gremlins“ became the composer. Not to mention massive, expensive scenery in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City where the main part of material was removed.

But the most notable contribution to success “To remember everything“ Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks to whom the fantastic parable about supernatural manipulations with reason and theories of plot, so characteristic of Filip K. Dick`s works, turned in the storm fighter with pursuits, fights and firing made. Creators of the movie several times mounted some violent scenes, but could not drop a rating below adult R. That even to the best because it is difficult to imagine that the actor who at that time was considered as the main filmstar of Hollywood would turn into the next “latex superman“. In a shot cervical vertebras habitually crackle, fake blood flows, and Arney traditionally issues capacious, sarcastic phrases, worthy John Metriks from “Kommando“ and Ivan Danko from “A red heat“.

Nevertheless “To remember everything“, besides juicy scenes of action, charismatic villains (only one Michael Ayronsayd of what costs, not to mention the veteran of Hollywood Ronnie Cox who removed to a tape from already mentioned “Robocop“) and bulletproof heroes, can offer the viewer something bigger. Up to the depth of thought and philosophical implication of other screen version of Dick, “Running on an edge“, the tape of producers Mario Cassar and Andrew Vayna falls short, but also is obvious above other rectilinear “superfilms“ of Schwarzenegger. Sophisticated fantastic background, games with reality and futuristic details of the future allow Verhoeven`s creation to balance surely on a joint of genres. Yes, technologies of that time were not perfect yet, and the part of special effects raises a smile, than admiration today, but to start the ninetieth years the tape was considered very advanced in spectacular part. What is confirmed by the Oscar for visual effects.

In 1999 the first attempt to reanimate work of the writer, however the television movie “Remember Everything 2070“ (action of a picture of Verhoeven takes place in 2084) was made and followed it 1 - y the season of the series of the same name of great success at audience was not conceived.

As it is strange, but in career of future governor of California, already then receiving the eight-digit royalties for a role, “To remember everything“ did not find the worthy place. So left that Arnold first of all associate with image of Terminator or, at the worst, the stubborn colonel Datcha from “Predator“. Quite perhaps, feeling this “replaceability“, Hollywood in 2011 decided on a remake of a tape of Verhoeven. Statement of the updated option was entrusted Len Uayzman, the author of the two first parts of “Other world“ and “Die Hard 4. 0“, and for a leading role finally approved Irish Colin Farrell.

By itself, Farrell does not pull even on a third of power of Schwarzenegger, but, is sure, will look in this role not less convincingly. And about the embodiment of the world of the future it is possible not to worry at all. The release of a remake is appointed to August, 2012.