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American TV: let`s make the diagnosis? As English aurally I not really understand

, practically only the video series is involved in my analysis of the American TV.

In lots of advertizing with which fill up a mailbox, there are no television programs even of local channels. Numbers and names of channels, broadcast series flicker and are confused, many are similar therefore thoroughly precisely it is difficult to describe them.

of Storage Wars: Texas “ on 42 - m the channel can be translated as “Warehouse wars of Texas“. Before there was a Garage Sale series. As though especially for this transfer the long ranks of boxes, everyone by the size about modest garage are built up. As far as I understand, to these boxes will take things and belongings of the aged lonely citizens who went to a better world, perhaps, and still from where - that. These boxes sell by rules of a lottery, and in it the main counter. Impressive, self-sufficient and wealthy citizens come to redeem “pig in a poke“. I not up to the end understand mechanics of action. Except bought the right to open boxing, the crowd of people from 20 - ti crowds with a row, there is enough aggressively seeking to catch something is cheaper.

... Here special pincers have a bite a handle of the lock (They have no key, perhaps? Why deliberately to break the lock? Probably, so it is necessary for that shocking). The door rises and before eager the kingdom of things in boxes, in trunks, in boxes opens. Sometimes things are displayed in a row, and as I guess, the opened box arranges sale of things for a cash and can “weld on“ not bad.

There is nothing reprehensible in these scenes. The high water of goods from different sources developed a habit to get things without which it would be quite possible and to do. It as game. The thing of a similar level of quality can be taken just from the road, exposed as superfluous. I also sometimes do not disdain, and I see how the thrown-out carpets disappear, floorings, cases and so forth. On a similar subject there was a broadcast series “The pure house“, the idea was carried out there how to improve a situation in the house, having got rid of stuff of unnecessary things.

Besides, TV still regularly reflects realities of life at liberty and in prisons, however all - evades from burning issues - on some internal censorship or the secret instruction. Default is put on a professional basis too. For example, it is much told at the level of rumors about problems of Detroit. But did not come across to a broadcast series this subject.

The channel No. 46 - “by of Food “ is “out of the competition“ beaten out from a holder. This channel - the present “Objedenye - a denye - a denye, pioneers an ideal - is scarlet - is scarlet!“ It is apofigy gourmets. But I like uniforms of cooks more: white, strict, double-breasted, with a deaf high collar - they exhale faultlessness of preparation of viands. In paints only N. V. Gogol could describe this channel. Process is shown in the smallest details, cooks - already rather fat - defiantly tastefully try, test delicacies. As well as who can resist, not reproduce the same at himself in kitchen?

Business, detailed approach to absorption of food became some general profession, in advertizing continually show the swallowing, chewing people. I consider it as search. To me in memory information on the wild tribe from the jungle of Central America which people for meal retired sat down long ago.

H channel - of History , No. 40, very uneven according to contents. That he gives the plentiful chronicle of times of the Third Reich or war with Japan, shows shooting ranges, and recently saddled hunting for crocodiles. Repetitions are intolerable: here prepare a bait on big, for a crocodile, a hook, here the victim fights at a board, is aimed at it in an emphasis large, has to be, rifle caliber. The become silent animal of fossil centuries is worn out in the boat, all (2 - 3) hunters, including women, “feelings of deep satisfaction“ are executed. Went further on an amazing smooth surface of a lagoon, rapaciously peering whether seemed where periscopes of prominent eyes of the next victim. And again there are same shots.

These crocodiles were given them? Probably, only skin on purses and bags is used.

On the same channel travel on a Mercedes - a van tolstenky Frank and thin Michael. They look for “the antiquary`s rarities“ in private dimensionless collections. Recently dragged a heavy portal of an ancient fireplace in a van. Owners of collections of motorcycles, mopeds, cars under the open sky are very touching. T. and M. “yours faithfully feel pieces of iron“ ancient useful things, in search of interesting clamber in blockages of things, as in the jungle between boxes and regiments.

This transfer too about the materialism which captivated minds and souls. So there is a wish for something irrational, there is a wish for sublime flight of thoughts.

However it is impossible to embrace immensity. There is a deposit untold even for most. What can be made the conclusion?

In transfers of TV mercantile motives, savoring of small pleasures of the everyday plan prevail. I consider that it is necessary to raise a level of requirements to TV, it is desirable to sift transfers through a sieve of control of psychologists and psychiatrists regarding perception of pictures on the screen.