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The child is human. Review.

B mankind appear 2027 on the verge of extinction. Already 18 years as on the planet were not born children. But one fine day there is a miracle and one young woman by the name of Ki finds out that she is pregnant. The former political activist Teo who gave up the mission after death of the son agrees to protect it. Now it has to take Ki to the sea, in a shelter of scientists who develop the project on rescue of human race. They will help Ki to give birth to the child in safety, and the first child will help scientists to revive mankind.

Here such, rather predictable plot at the movie “Child Human“ which in 2007 three times was nominated for “Oscar“ and got an award of Academy of science fiction “Saturn“ for the best movie. In general, when among Oscar nominees you will come across similar cinema - usually enough properly to yawn and already as - as if looked. All because at once it becomes clear: now we will have a hero, at once will begin to do significant mines, and then he will be given an award for the best role, later there will be three battle scenes: it is a lot of ruthless firing (ah, cruel mankind) which you do not notice any more, two - three meetings with the woman of dream, one of them difficult and with tears (their rebellious hearts share the strong principles), on &ndash sweet; blood of innocent babies and pathos death of the hero.
Indeed, only begins cinema, and you meet this hero already at once. You waited for it - it is the cynic of average years disappointed in life who it seems and does not suspect about the gold stuffing. You mischievously exult: now it is possible to call and neigh in a cinema hall - respect for the movie is lost forever. You do not suspect yet that all your arguments will fall as the soldier shot in the heat of fight, exactly in five minutes after the beginning of viewing. Then you will sit and not to understand how it happened. How it in general occurred? Everything is quite simple. From the very beginning the powerful kick is struck to your scepticism and the operator does it. The visual decision is so good that it breaks to you heart, and on it the long crack, same, as on glass of the car by which the main character goes creeps.
Seems that to run with stedikamy people learned also long ago, as well as to get fruits from trees, but there is something absolutely separate. The operator Emmanuel Lyubetski is that person who by the scruff dips you into the atmosphere on depth of the nuclear submarine. Numerous magnificent details, long shots, the continuous movement without vanity - all this is clear, but there is no separate reception to explain, how exactly there is such strong immersion. Of course, here it is very difficult to praise someone separately because director`s and camerawork is very strongly coordinated. So what you do not understand soon any more where whose merits. The shot is worked out to each mote, but does not look fake, it looks interesting.
I acts a distinctive feature of the movie here: it is interesting. As turn, and the cinema is not literature, and you come back to a bookcase again and again to sight-read a fantasy because in the movie there will be no so many layers, there will be no such set of feelings. However, having used the team, a set of filigree and ofigitelny trifles, and also difficult actor`s game the director Alfonso Cuaron overcame this problem and so that with all courage it is possible to call the movie literary.

Cuaron famous to our viewer according to the movie “And Your Mother Too“, very live story about teenagers, not just matured, it came to other level. And vivacities level here too absolutely another. The great respect causes that Cuaron solves it not some one reception, by no means: it combines fine actor`s game, the worked setting, a picture atmosfernost, and does all this so surely and carefully as Teo rescues the child - so that you literally hear all movie how his heart off-screen fights. Of course, it should be noted that the main tool in an orchestra nevertheless - camerawork. Not only the majority of plans, but also the majority of scenes in the movie “Child Human“, and especially difficult, including battle scenes, with dismantling of heroes against disorder - are removed by one shot. With transitions to close ups, with difficult actor`s game, with fights and death of the main characters. All this creates effect so live that it becomes sometimes horrible and you begin, manyachno rolling eyes, to suspect - and whether there are no documentary inserts.
Of course, in the movie is the minuses. In - the first, it is lifted and the affected and very actual idea that the woman will rescue mankind is not opened more than once. To the viewer it is clear long ago that she will make it, but how exactly - still it is unclear. The man`s part of mankind is supposedly guilty of death of the planet, having gone in cycles in itself and the wars, but also it is as clear as day that one child-bearing you will not help business. And not really there is a wish that new, pure kids which twenty five years refused to be came and saw all this shame. And why then left. But know that hardly you will find at least one more miss in the movie.
to the Viewer should endure many battle scenes in literal sense. And here that special author`s look, such pure is especially strongly shown that violence scenes seem especially sharp and each of them cuts as if the razor. However this look strange affects the viewer - the farther - the more you begin to see only people who torment themselves. And this look - it such compassionate, without falseness loving all - not only those who save the world but also those who wet each other and only here you see true senselessness of this infinite war which inside - - the concentration camp. Teo`s
- the former activist who after death of the child departed from affairs and became despondent until the ex-wife did not involve it in history with rescue of kids. Clive Owen to admit a leading role honestly, very strongly surprises - in the majority of movies he was the next Hollywood guy with “eyes“, and suddenly it was the actor of the highest level. Teo`s history is a history of Iosif who helps Maria to rescue the child. But Iosif here - not the arkhetipichny fairy godmother - and it brilliantly transfers Owen`s game - he is a living person, multidimensional, strongly wounded, but not lost belief. And the most abrupt for me was that in spite of the fact that Iosif looks on in the beginning - Lermantovski romantically - cynical - he almost immediately also loses this mask. He should not struggle with himself - his internal belief is opened quickly enough - it was never broken and perfectly internally it understands Teo. He in general, only also waited for this moment. And the movie is impregnated with this his internal idealism, in a root other than extremes of youthful maximalism or cynicism. It is an any more unconscious protest and not protective reaction. When honestly you see it that the world is awful that all it is heavy. But you know well that nothing remains as soon as to trust in the best and to fight for it. This idealism does it to adults against the raging mankind which passes the critical, teenage stage. I Can tell
one - the director achieved the, the movie turned out very live, clever and deprived of any academism. Moreover, the movie shot in 2006 becomes more and more actual. Those days when we buried ourselves under metalplastic heaps, locked in cozy apartments, even more often we communicate on the Internet. At present youth - generation zero to which I belong - very much are particularly acute a family problem. We like to change clothes and play games, we build career, but, having seen enough of the parents, we also do not wish to think of marrying. All our generation is afraid to die much less, than to enter the relations. And in this movie there is what reminds us: the true love never spoils, but only ennobles, does you better. As if you tortured yourself. And the most pleasant - that reminds without habitual pathos, so, as if you sit and you cry, and you do not know itself why. And suddenly someone very old approaches, irons you on the head and speaks: “By the way, you remember why you brought a heap of boards here? Not to construct a concentration camp and to make a nesting box“.