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The scheme to Zarobitk Earn

from $800, without investing the money,

It is difficult to imagine the person who being engaged in business on the Internet was not able, to use at least a two-three of electronic payment service providers. LiqPay payment service provider even for those who at all were never engaged in business on the Internet. On this page I will help you to understand that is represented by LiqPay payment service provider as you will be able to open in it the account and at once in a game form to earn the first money.
So, we will begin: Earn from $800 in a month, without investing the money. How it works?

1. Only the Internet and the mobile phone is for this purpose necessary. By the way, for sceptics: I personally tried this technique on the advice of the friend who knew about my financial hardship, and did not regret!!! Generally, tried, and literally in about 2 hours received the SMS message, with the notice of transfer of 1 cent into my account in LiqPay, and from this point, rushed! In 3 weeks on we wash to account 420 of y. e. (and it only beginning). The quantity of money transfers increases every day in a geometrical progression. For this purpose it is necessary to be engaged persistently in mailing of the announcement on the websites, forums, the websites with work etc. as
are not lazy, it is real! Follow
according to instructions, without changing anything, and you already earned!!!

2. You visit the website of LiqPay payment service provider here according to this reference:
of liqpay. you press com
In the center on the button:
will open Further a window where you have to specify number of the mobile phone. To you SMS with a code will come to phone. You will insert this code into the opened window.

All!!! You have an account in LiqPay, + 5 cents on the account. 3. Further you send on 1 cent from the account to each of 5 below the listed accounts in the LiqPay system (you send, money from those which to you were added by LiqPay, for the translation the commission is not taken!)

1. 380508024398
2. 380966584203
3. 77025896704
4. 380950050241
5. 380509824654

4. After that you copy all text from this page from beginning to end. At number 5 you delete the account, to the place of 5 - go the account you move an account number which was on 4 - ohm the place, to the place of 4 - go you move 3 - y, 3 - go 2 - oh, 2 - go 1 - y, and on 1 - oye the place which was empty after movement of accounts, you enter the room of the account in LiqPay payment service provider (the account number is number your mobile which you specified at registration in LiqPay).
5. Further it is necessary to create a subject at any forum with the name “Earnings on the Internet“ (or if you have an opportunity - to create the website) and to insert the copied text with the inserted number of your account. After that you begin to be engaged in mailing of the announcement of such contents: Learn to earn, without putting kopeks!!! Come and read: Here in such here game form you will be able, having spent only half an hour of time, to get acquainted with LiqPay payment service provider and at desire to earn without investments.
is IMPORTANT!!! Effectively to extend the announcements on the Internet, follow my advice, and everything will be excellent. First of all, we come on any search engine of type of Yandex and Google etc., we write searching something on similarity “to distribute information and letters on the Internet for free“ or “how to place, the information on the Internet“ or something similar. Will give you one thousand websites with forums, bulletin boards, guest books, the websites with work etc. We come on everything, we are registered on everyone, it is desirable under one login and the password, it is so simpler to remember, and it is desirable to create especially for it a separate mailbox not to litter the, and we leave the letter on each of these websites. If it is the website with work, then to zhelatelnoraskidat the announcement on several big cities of Ukraine and Russia, for example for Kiev, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia etc., so there will be a bigger number of viewings. (The system is international so you can not limit yourself only to the Ukrainian and Russian websites). After you do this laborious and laborious work, having spent for it approximately hours 10, in the future you will need to come once a week on each visited resource and to update announcements.
How many - it is possible to earn? Here the approximate income on LiqPay: Let`s take the weakest option. Present that you could attract only 50 people (though for the Internet it is not an indicator at all), means they earned for you 50 cents … It is not enough?
Of course, is not enough!!!! But do not forget that in a chain of 5 numbers … We consider farther. … These brought 50 people on 50 people too, 2500 cents turn out already, or 25. $ … Already a little best of all, but it would be desirable more. … We go further, each of 2500 people brought still 50 people - it already turns out 125000!!! Yes!!! 125000 people, or $1250!!! But there is more to come!!! At us still is, the finishing fifth chain … 125000 on 50 people turns out the HUGE SUM!!! 6250000 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to you needs to count Now
your income: 50+2 500+125 000+6 250 000=6 377 550 cents.
Is $63 755 and 50 cents!!!!

I wish you success in work and high earnings!