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What means six plus two?

Are known that families break up from mutual misunderstanding between spouses, and then and with children. From here the groundless conflicts, quarrels, insults and, as a result of they are stains. And extreme, restrained, offended always are children. The unstable and destroyed (incomplete) families are as not healing wounds on a body of our society.
Unhealthy society produces patients, uncomprehending the events of children. It is difficult for them to understand why the father with mother do not live together.

What after us we leave generation that we give to the children, we receive in exchange. What we sow, we reap. Yes, hackneyed phrase, but what depth in it. It is in operation the law of shine and a harvest. Nobody except us raises our children: neither friends, nor neighbors, nor school (the school only trains), nor society as many got used to nod on it.

Habitually to see manifestation of this law in agriculture: on fields, on the sites, kitchen gardens. And he, this law, acts also for thoughts, words, acts. What it is thought of that say what acts are made (that we sow) - that to us and comes back. Such fruits are also reaped.

In fact, all people someone`s mirrors: we - a mirror of the parents, our children - our reflection etc. And here the law of shine and a harvest in operation, and from it not to get to anywhere. Here if we constantly kept in memory this truth to which and that nothing to object - how many excess words would not tell how many daredevil acts would not make. How many through it problems would not come to us.

So occurs in a family? From time immemorial in families many men and women wage with each other continuous war. Everyone proves the case. But quality and efficiency of work of spouses also depends on a microclimate in the house just, their mood is reflected in work of the enterprise.

Many consider that work is more main than a family. But the truth indicates the opposite: not the person is created for work, and work for the person
For example, builders deviated the project, and if not to strengthen a structure in time, it can collapse. And in a family. If the principles of creation of a family are broken, there is a destruction of the family relations.

At a family too as everything, has a mission. It is urged to satisfy with spouses of needs of each other (love, security, rest, patience ). Not society, and in a family is filled love, patience, pleasure, respect Each person is given birth by

for achievement of a definite purpose, and possesses for this purpose the corresponding qualities. And the foremost mission of the woman is to help the husband to take place with that calling for the sake of which he was born. Not under its heel that it carried out desires of the wife, but not to stir it occupations: to read, be engaged, work the Woman should not it throw a monkey-wrench into the works of
. It only therefore runs away from the house in garage or to friends that here do not allow to do it that he wants.
Actually all problems in the house generally because of the woman. It is not necessary to stick if something needs to be made, and it is just polite to ask. And not to reproach him if he something was not in time.

And that to become the woman the queen, at first it is necessary to make of the tsar`s husband. Not to swear at it, not to be called a goat or a ram, remembering that similar connects to similar So if we do not that it is intended to the woman by the nature, then we destroy by own hands a family.

Women have only two functions: to approve and support the man.
At men their six: to protect, provide, learn, to direct, be in the lead, to suggest ideas. all this
I is given him and her by nature.

And when the woman herself takes in addition also function of the husband, it it becomes very heavy. And subsequently she will begin to reproach the husband that devoted him all life, and he does not appreciate it etc. And the man looks for that who will admire him and will support.

Still it is possible to tell that the family is a body where the head the husband. The rest - from a neck to a bottom is a wife. And if say that the wife is a neck, (and the neck supports the head) that it is necessary to do without abuse, to be able to be silent (as the neck has no mouth). And if you cannot be silent, then approve it even if what he tells is not pleasant or does.
Who thinks that the body was pure, elegantly dressed? The head, i.e. the man thinks of everything. It is its function - to think, provide, care.

And the man goes to work not for the sake of himself, and for the sake of the woman. If he does not go to work, so there is no that woman for the sake of whom it would work.
Man and woman different, as sun and moon. He also thinks in a different way, and externally he is another. And the essence of the marriage union just also consists in agreeing, concede each other. The husband, the sun - shines. The moon, the wife - gleams from the sun, i.e. is reflection of essence of the husband.

About the man will judge by his wife: not how she is able to speak and as she is able to be SILENT! And if the man sows the evil, anger, irritation in the wife, then he also will reap it. Men will take place in case with them a number of the woman. Then they are capable to operate in life where their talents if wives help them council, support. And if do not distract men on trifles, will not ask worthless questions.

The power of the man is much less than power of the woman. But it should direct the power and influence on necessary. And if the woman seeks to do career, strong, takes away from the husband of his function, i.e. provides a family - the man will find the weak woman and will leave to it.

Occasions to humiliate the man more, than it is enough. And if hands (woman) finish the head (man), to it it will become much worse. Fallen important to lift, but not to trample.
Many say that the press in the passport, it not the main thing, and, above all - love. But the press as an insurance which fastens climbers. It they secure each other not to fall from the rock.

And man and woman. At the press the insurance works, and the love will not die. Without insurance - two will wake up once and will feel cold to each other thus the love dies.
Well, and a bed is a top of love, besides, that the spirit and soul are primary. And God`s violation of the principles leads to destruction of relationship between spouses. There occurs the death of love, respect, honesty, patience

Many of us are not able to protect men. They are not supported by wives, and husbands cannot release the problems from what die ahead of time.
And those men who violated the law appeared in prisons because was not near to that which would stop, supported, approved

the Woman is given rise to accept what the man gives it that then to give. If she was born, then for her the husband was already born, and she is a body for this head. Nobody planned female loneliness. And it is lie that it is good to be one.

Each of us is given not less than 10 chances a day to change the life. But the person is free only at the time of the choice. As soon as he made a choice, it is not free any more. And victory force in good, but not in the evil. All study as someone, and do not want to study as the wife. How many families would remain!

And love not a noun, at love one verbs: to love, to do, protect, suffer, provide, to respect... to us about it neck superiority over the head is better to remember and not to allow
! All women are given birth to learn that such happiness!
So six plus two also is happy seven - I!