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When happiness comes?

She never lied. Not because was sacred, no! Just because it was very disseminated and never remembered that to whom told. It is possible it was lucky to tell it to be forcedly honest.

Whatever was the prime cause of this its unusual in our quality - honesty, it was appreciated frankness and openness. And still she was not lucky to be born the strong personality with own opinion. Most of all of course the picture of her personality was spoiled by inability to keep silent that in addition to all her qualities did it intolerable for many, and therefore often lonely. No, not one! Someone was always near it. She began to feel like one itself when once in the noisy and cheerful company to it it became sad and it is not interesting! But by that moment she already learned to keep silent when thoughts do not coincide with opinion of others. Not to lie, not to put into place, not to correct, not to be surprised. It is simple to keep silent.

That day she understood that she will not be able to live with people as lived still - sincerely. Life drives into a certain framework. Framework of friends, works, habits, framework and obligations!

But she did not know that the same day will bring it happiness.

Quiet happiness to remain one and not to feel from it weight, on the contrary, sense of relief and tranquility. She could wake up in the middle of night and wander about streets, enjoying fresh June air, and after to lie on the beach and to share the time with the quiet river, warm sand and right trees... and only to trust a moonlight the pleasure! To be in harmony with itself and the nature, without being obliged to nobody and nothing for it!

So she lived... Who condemned her, who tried to keep step with it. But precisely nobody understood. Nobody was close.

There was no it yet... He noticed it among others at once. What was special... he did not know. But it something did not release his thoughts and a look. He knew where and when can see it and came again and again. Its chaotic schedule, 18 hours every day from which was occupied by work, suddenly began to change. He knew that simply it is useless to go to it. Yes he also did not know as to make it. Already long time people were interesting to it as just people, their history to, their progress and at all about them later. Only occasionally. He lived work, lived the loyal friends - dogs. And that the little that remained to it for thoughts. He always believed in perfection through self-knowledge. But... here others life became interesting to it. Whether there was this hobby.? No. Just incessant interest, as at the boy to something to other, unusual, in something very close, though absolutely unfamiliar.

The case solved everything for them. Though both of them also did not believe in accident.

First all it seemed to ridiculous strange. Winter, cold, late. It was asked to bring it home. She did not want what for? She did not like anything to ask and be at anybody due when to it something was done. And it is not necessary for It and time already later at all. Refusals were stopped directly and unambiguously. With a force and softness. More place for words was not. It impressed. But she did not even pay attention. She so got used to be lonely.

It on knees his jacket laid down. In the car it was terribly cold, but resistance was useless. It was pleasant - to stay at last it obedient and weak near it. What she did not feel that already long ago. To be near the person who was stronger and surer than it.

So began to repeat every time after a meeting. It brought it, they spoke, spoke. How many interesting subjects it began and as they spoke.! There was no wish to leave, there was no wish to release these clever eyes which so seemed the family soon and, it appeared, were such beautiful! Their meetings began to last late, it took away joking from her hands food, saying, what is so more tasty, and she trusted it what nobody would understand... the thoughts and stories. Nobody knew that she writes. And it was the only way for it to release the thoughts. Therefore in those stories there was her soul, everything that nobody would understand and did not realize!!! She entrusted it herself... and for so many years it became for the first time rather quiet! They were near only a month, and such feeling that are close already all life. His patience became the best words, his care as he looked, joked as spoke... as filled up, having put the head to it on a shoulder, and she quietly ironed his hair and cheeks, being afraid to wake and admired, catching its quiet equal native breath. Since the most that February evening when they were fated to remain for the first time a row there passed already enough time.

She does not remember how everything changed for what she fell in love with these freckles and a smile and why she kissed him the first, whether from impatience, or from that heat which they became for each other... but all this happened as by itself! As that happiness, which always nearby, at arm`s length any of us!