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Self-defense for girls - art?

the World every day change, in many respects to the best. Modern girls became more well-groomed, more versatily developed and active. Much of what earlier the ordinary woman was not able to afford is allowed to them. We became more relaxed and careless, but our life, at first sight such quiet, sometimes all - gives us surprises.

Many girls even more often reflect how to see to it about themselves. Get good job to have an opportunity to enjoy material benefits, or live on others, well eat and play sports to strengthen the body, study and read to develop the spiritual beginning.

And how to take care of physical safety? How to fight back if someone, surpassing by force twice or even three times, encroaches on the weak girl? Today more and more popular are sections in which girls are promised to be taught self-defense, instilling in them false confidence in the forces.

Why false? Proceeding from the girl`s nature. We initially concede physically, and it is absolutely even not bad, on the contrary - we womanly and gentle, graceful and graceful. We concede also because are more vulnerable and impressionable. To stand for itself is the whole art demanding understanding it is more, than abilities.

How to be? For a start it is necessary to understand and feel the force. And if you visited section of Thai boxing, then it is not obligatory to become in equal fight with the best pupil in group at all, rather simply really to estimate the opportunities, looking at the fact that others can.

So, now about the main thing. The basic rule of self-defense as it is strange, the prevention of a situation is. Gold “the rule of three At“: to see, anticipate, escape.

Always it is necessary to see a situation around himself. “What the boy in the bus is rubs at my bag?“ “Why on the street at night only I and that Young Man with a knife which does not lag behind me three quarters?“

Of course, is a joke, but most often for safety of rather elementary attentiveness. And for this purpose it is necessary to pay attention to all and all around. The unusual behavior has to guard. It is the first step to your wellbeing.

If the conflict did not manage to be prevented, you do not hurry to apply the skills received in boxing club, they will hardly help, but will anger the forward decently, and it can aggravate a situation only.

Many conflicts can usually be avoided non-standard behavior. Your reaction in many respects can define the course of further events. Or perhaps really just wanted to ask time you or even to get acquainted, and you, having beaten the person, frightened away the destiny?

It is also very important to remember that we protect not every day ourselves from maniacs, but from conflict people, annoying gapers and just ill-bred impudent fellows - continually. Rowdies can be disarmed polite tone and a sincere smile, annoying to advise some fascinating occupation, and ill-bred impudent fellows can clout moral which can bring advantage more, than real bruise, she will be ill not on skin and will set thinking.

And if you really faced the maniac, then you should not forget that the most surprising thing in general and the most useful is a female handbag at present.

In - the first, it always near at hand, in - the second, in it your fighting arsenal. Sharp nail file which can stick into an eye, spirits which can be scattered in eyes, a garden brick which you prepared for the Japanese garden, and even a bag which you will throw in napadayushchgo or you will whack on the head we remember that in it varnishes, spirits, the hair dryer, a garden brick and one million more the most important things on light.

Even the mobile phone and keys with their keen edges can serve as good means of self-defense. Nevertheless they will be stronger than our gentle cams and ideal manicure.

And still nobody cancelled calls for help! Some girls are capable to lift up the whole area at quarrel with darling, so than this situation is worse? Let all know what will not be boring.

Be engaged in sections and become better in everything every day, but the main thing - do not forget that the gun and the kind word it is always possible to achieve bigger, than just kind word! And never give up.

Good luck!