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“Wait, I am called!“ To wait or not?

the case left Ridiculous once. Before New year the friend calls: “Let`s meet, we did not see each other so long ago!“ with

Before holidays in edition usually a work involving all hands, you work from morning to the night - once. But the friend was persistent, in a week called me five times, it was already inconvenient to refuse. At last, agreed about a meeting. Were crossed in the evening in cafe, did not manage to make the order, its phone calls.

“Yes, I can... In cafe... Nothing, speak...“ - answers. Minutes through ten (!!) puts down a reciever: “Excuse... Admirer one. As your affairs?“ I do not manage to answer, she answers a call again, showing to gestures as all got it.

Brought the order, I ate in loneliness (in an evening Svetlana was called by seven times), my “girlfriend“ occasionally was distracted by me, but generally spoke by phone. It in a model, is a lot of admirers, the agent and someone there still called...

At first I was brought, but then decided that I am all the same hungry and, time so, nothing terrible, I will eat at the same time. Told this story to girlfriends, and five of seven remembered something similar, happened to them.

With one history left worse. It liked the man who at last it seems as responded to her draft views and called in restaurant. In the evening he did not let go phone, infinitely apologized to it, but answered all calls. Of course, nothing good left a meeting - it, I think, plainly even did not consider my friend. Hasty put in a taxi, that`s all... All this would be ridiculous when it would not be so sad.

Why we cannot live without mobile phone? Why we drag with ourselves in a bathroom, in a bed, we do not disconnect, having come home, to appointment and to theater? Sowing with a family for a dinner, we run out from - for a table, having heard a telephone trill. Yes let the whole world will wait! Relax.

The psychologist will tell so: it tells strong desire to feel the importance in the person, the need for social recognition is not satisfied. “I am called - I am necessary to all - means, I good“. There is such logical chain. What to do? If you do not leave phone, by effort of will switch off at least a call when you communicate with relatives, with friends.

Stylists go crazy, having seen our “stars“ on a carpet path in evening dresses and with mobile phones in hands. From whom all of them wait for a call?

“Leave“ phone per day at home. Did not die? Well, means you can live without it still!

Well-mannered people do not cut the interlocutor short because “the second line“ joined. Always it is possible to call back. And if nevertheless it is necessary to answer, do it as soon as possible - also indecently to weary the person on other end of a wire. And most you should not “pine“: if forgot about you and “feed“ with beeps, put down a reciever.

And in general what to do if others put you in an idiotic situation and keep waiting, will not have a good long talk yet? Silliest - patiently to wait. I, for example, having had supper with that talkative model, immediately paid off and at once left though she begged to sit - to talk.

“It is a pity that you had so many important calls today“, - I told it with a smile at parting. And here it is possible to disaccustom the man who invited you to appointment and tryndyashchy endlessly by phone in the witty way: order while he stirs, a bottle of expensive wine (it is better - the most expensive!) also drink its one in the pleasure!

He will not want to distract once again from you.

And in general, today absolutely not comme il faut not only to speak by phone in public places, but it is even simple to get phone and to put it on a table during a meeting. It is fashionable to switch off a call, with pleasure to eat and communicate to friends!