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The sober driver in Moscow and Moscow area of

Is such service the sober driver or as it is called still the drunk driver, every year it becomes more popular and more popular.

What service the sober driver (the drunk driver) is?

You drank on a visit, in club, at a party and near an entrance there is your car it is necessary to arrive somehow home not only to you but also to deliver your car here and service the sober driver (the drunk driver) comes to the rescue.

The principle of work of this service very simply, you call in the company which is engaged in this kind of activity and order service the sober driver within an hour to you there comes the skilled driver who will bring you and your car in safety, an integrity and safety to the place specified by you, this service not so expensively as much seems cost fluctuates from 1200 to 1800 rub. hour, but as I think better to pay this money than will lose the rights for several years or that it is even worse to get God forbid into accident or to bring down somebody.

How it is correct to choose the company and to order sober the driver?
- pay your attention to a phone number, it has to be obligatory only city but not mobile;
- look at the prices of the company, the prices should not be very cheap, but also of course very expensive the cheap prices can bring with themselves not high-quality service, but expensive in frequent it is just useless expenditure of money;
- pay attention at that time when you call the operator as he is represented the company.... or just hallo...., in normal the company always speak Hello! Company....;
- pay attention also to how the operator communicates with you is rude or talks correctly;
- after you ordered the sober driver (the drunk driver) look for what period to you there will arrive the sober driver (the drunk driver), as a rule there is enough hour that the driver managed to arrive to the client after a call;
- also look as the sober driver behaves during the movement whether he goes by traffic regulations, it is lucky you along the route set by you or goes along the route rolls time that from you to tear off more money.

Some companies provide in the place with service the sober driver (the drunk driver) just as to take the client home, apartments, an entrance if this late time and the client appears a female moreover and as usual there is no light not on the street, not at an entrance everyone can happens addicts, bums etc. the sober driver (the drunk driver) will take you home.

Also some companies I provide such services as the weekend driver, the personal driver and a stage of the car. Let`s consider
what services are:

1. The weekend driver you were going to go for the weekend on shops, for some holidays, or just you do not want most to go to the nature driving here and service the weekend driver comes to the rescue. by
it is necessary to Choose the company which provides service the weekend driver just as the sober driver (the drunk driver).
2. The personal driver you have a car but you need to go much on meetings and on different buffet receptions, actions and parties here you will be come to the rescue by service the personal driver.
3. A car stage you bought the car or left the car, and it is necessary to get the car home where - then to you and service a car stage comes to the rescue.

So if you were defined and made a little not difficult actions at the choice of the company for these services welcome as they say.

I hope that you were helped by my information.