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What did with us children`s horror stories?

“Sidi are silent, and that the babayka will come!“ you in the childhood Heard something similar? The kid does not know who such this babayka how she looks and for what in general will come - can yet, play? But is already afraid and tries not to rustle, continually looking back at a door. And the level of panic of subjects is higher, than this phrase is said more often.

Reaches that over time the child cannot sit a back to a door, being in the room not only alone, but also in the noisy children`s company. And someone begins to avoid such “noisy concourses“. You happened to hear that in a nursery there are “unsociable singles“? Perhaps they just avoid games, joint with other children, for fear of emergence of that ill-fated babayka?

And here one more horror story: “Open a door for nobody, and the Gipsy will take away that and will carry away on pies“. Yes will forgive the Gipsy population which invented this saying the sane part not inclined to a cannibalism! How in general similar can come to mind to the adult? Though not it also can come to mind, but it is necessary to think of that, as to whom you speak even in the educational purposes.

In the childhood the fate to be the eaten some mythical Gipsy to me and to my brothers “threatened“ constantly - during each campaign of the beloved grandmother on shops. Time of its absence seemed to us eternity. We could not play, listening to each rustle behind a door. We quietly sat in a corner at a sofa, trying to give nothing the presence in the apartment. Steps of neighbors at an entrance were given by a rumble in our small heads. Breath faded with the coming threat and here... “Gipsy! “ - someone from us said, and we were enough each other sweaty for fear for palms in belief “to fight to the bitter end“ and not to allow to take away to this cannibal of any of our small company. With turn of a key in a keyhole the heart began is speeded up to fight, we blinked and... Having heard the grandmother`s voice, nervously exhaled. Carried by!

And if to remember in public known horror story - a lullaby? I think, any did not pass a fate to be “intimidated“ by it. And nevertheless, without thinking of consequences, sings it to the kids, putting to bed. And if to rummage in depths of the memory, there, in the section “early childhood“, it is possible a vytashchitna a surface such experiences to what the most famous director would envy, and Stanislavsky, sobbing, would give a standing ovation! So, this miracle developed in some unknown to us ancient similarity of Gestapo:

To Bai - bayushka - to Bai!
do not lay down on the edge!
Will come a greyish top
I will bite for a flank!
I do not remember

Ya precisely how many years to me were when I, failing in embraces of a sleepiness, for the first time thought of sense of this song. Probably three, maybe, it is slightly less year. And as to me became terrible! I then already visited a zoo together with parents and saw powerful jaws of that “top“ from a song. And the prospect to be bitten by this animal to me with each tune was pleasant less therefore I tried to fall asleep still before someone from parents, having carefully tucked in a blanket and having kissed on a cheek, began “evening torture“.

There passed many years, and, looking back, I with affection smile to the children`s fears. I can tell about them to friends, and we together will laugh at them. But, being put to bed, I surely close a door to the room - so, just in case...