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Early development or the child, “deprived of the childhood“?

About early development of children not one hundred books is written. Some of them can be sent without regret to a recycle bin. And some should be wrapped up in a beautiful cover and, re-reading from time to time, to store for grandsons and great-grandsons.

What in them such unusual? Councils! Excellent councils of the people who devoted themselves to work with children entirely. Councils of the people every day giving a part of the heart to kids. And these councils are unique the fact that not the theorists who hid from the world behind the desk give them. Their practicians living for the years not one life, give they live not only “for themselves“, but also “for each pupil“.

So, councils. Why I started talking about them? Not so long ago I became the participant of one discussion developed around a question of early development of the child. There were many opinions: someone considered that with the child it is necessary to be engaged and the earlier to start occupations, the better. Someone considered that it is necessary to be engaged, of course, but you should not begin to do it early. Someone considered that the child to all necessary will be taught in kindergarten, and then will continue training at school. But were also such who considered that you should not “deprive of the child of the childhood at all and to load its light head nonsense unnecessary it“. They consider that those have to be engaged with the child, “who for it gets paid“, that is teachers.

I admit at once, I belong to the first category of parents described by me. With the daughter I began to be engaged practically since the birth. When I still was in time of “happy expectation“ of the baby, I learned about the system developed by g - number Doman. A bit later I read several its books on training of kids in reading, mathematics and how to make the child physically perfect and how to give it encyclopedic knowledge.

I did not adhere strictly to Doman`s system. No, I corrected this system under myself and the daughter. I never wanted that my baby turned into such “computer on legs“. But there was what I dreamed from first minutes of its birth of: that in life it practically had no difficulties. Or rather, let they will be, but only somehow to diversify her life, and such what it will be able always to overcome. I dreamed of that my daughter was of the happiest on light, the most beautiful and the cleverest and bright.

What is necessary for the child in order that he was happy? Love of parents, tenderness and support. With it it was quite simple. For entire happiness the child does not need up-to-date and expensive car, branded things from the last collection of the famous designer are not necessary. No! Unlike most of adults, the child can be happy just like that , without any visible reason. He can rejoice to the tender sun, a mother`s smile, a flop on pools bare feet. So, happy my daughter can become also without me and if on that my participation - I always nearby is required and I will always make everything that depends on me for her happiness.

The following item of my dreams was: “My daughter - the most beautiful“ . This problem can seem to someone exigeant as so far we (people, parents) not in forces to control process of pre-natal development of the child and the subsequent his growth as genes all the same will prevail. But that in power to everyone, so it is belief that his child really the most beautiful on light!

You can check it on yourself and the relatives. Most considerably experiment will take place on women. Pay attention to how the woman changes (or the girl) if she constantly hears sincere words about the appeal and irresistibility. (Only you do not say to me what your baby “genes pumped up“ and she received the long nose of the great-grandmother. Just you should not focus attention of the girl on it. Pay attention to her bottomless eyes, long eyelashes and a beautiful shape of eyebrows (a face form, lovely dimples and so forth) . And if day by day you, gently embracing the treasure, you will whisper words about what it at you beautiful, you will see that beauty of your baby will be made out by everyone!

And now we will pass to point on “mind and ingenuity“ . Here - that just also appears the extensive field for your activity as the loving parent. Here you can truly “pull up trees“! The main thing - to remember: the child comes to this world absolutely pure. It can be compared to the brand new USB stick on which so far nothing is written down, but it is possible to fill it with absolutely various information. Having come to this world, your kid is trained in language (or at once to several languages), he learns to learn the reality surrounding it, he learns to creep, and then to go and still to very much. And so slowly, day after day his brain is loaded by the increasing and large number of information. The main thing now - to develop desire and interest in cognition of new in the child.

If every day you give at least several minutes to occupations with the kid, over time his brain will get used to work at such speed and process of training will become for it a peculiar entertainment, game. And the effect of occupations with the child at early age will surpass all your expectations. My daughter soon fifteen, and I still am surprised to with what speed she perceives new as not enough time to it it is necessary in order that not only to read the book, but also to process the read information and to draw the corresponding conclusions. She with ease in several minutes remembers what her peers spend hours of cramming for. And remembers this information for a long time, unlike swots who forget about everything at once after the answer to the teacher.

So, time which I with great pleasure devoted to work and games with my newborn and then and the growing-up daughter, was not in vain. It still bears fruit what I am infinitely glad to.

But once I faced misunderstanding. One my acquaintance asked me a question: “And you it does not seem that you just deprived of the child of the childhood?“ First I even became puzzled and answered only “Is not present. At all!“ And then thought here of what: if my acquaintance asked me this question, then, maybe, she in the belief is not lonely? It turned out that this is true. It is a pity to me that such people hold the opinion that occupations with the child it something, similar to school lessons where there is a teacher and is pupils and a certain style of behavior. For some reason and did not come to their mind that it is possible to be engaged with the child anywhere: houses, on the street, on walk, on a visit... The main thing that occupations did not bother to you, especially to your kid. The child, being born, it is simply programmed on training in the first years of the life, and depends only on you, than initial emptiness - the new knowledge presented by you, or those small remains will be filled that he will be able to squeeze out of world around.

Having gathered with the familiar mummies around a table over a cup of tea, we brought up a question of early development of children. Spoke long, adducing arguments in favor of this or that position. As a result all agreed that it is just necessary to be engaged with the child! The child deprived of this opportunity is also the child deprived of the childhood as, learning the world independently, it is forced “to work“ both for itself(himself) and for the parent who regretted to pay it enough attention and free time. And often children, seeing indifference of the parent, over time become indifferent to everything, and their brain which did not get used to train since the childhood, in school days hardly perceives new information that leads to emergence everything new and new problems.

I do not doubt at all that each parent dreams of happiness for the child. Everyone considers it as the best, favourite, beautiful on light. It is necessary only to add absolutely slightly - slightly: to give the chance to the kid to become the cleverest and bright!