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How it is reasonable to dispose of the money?

We already got acquainted with the concept “money“, learned for what they are used and how not to become the slave to “golden calf“. Time to talk about what to do with money not to worry about the financial wellbeing came. we Consider by

the family budget

Quite perhaps, among your acquaintances there are people who from a salary to a salary never have money. They lower all money for any pleasures which were pleasant to a thing, do not refuse to themselves to descend in restaurant once again. As a result one week prior to the following salary they should borrow money at friends and acquaintances to buy products, to recharge for mobile communication etc. That to avoid it, it is necessary to spend a little time and to deal with the budget.

• Begin with the fact that by count all sources of your income .

• Now it is a high time to pass to account part of the budget :

1. Count your continuous monthly expenditure. Here enter: a rent and utilities, for use of phone and the Internet, for the parking of the car, expenses on transport for all family members etc.

2. Every month you spend approximately identical sum for food. Add on this money to continuous expenditure.

3. Do not forget to allocate money for payment of kindergarten or for school needs of the child.

4. If holidays or birthdays are outlined, then these events have to find reflection in account part of the family budget too.

5. If visit to a hairdressing salon is planned, to the doctor or purchase of drugs which are expensive now it is necessary to put also these expenditure in the family budget.

6. If at you the friend having a tail lives in the house, then on his contents money is also required.

7. Do not forget to allocate part of money for carrying out your leisure. The person needs to have a rest from everyday routine from time to time, without it he can affect the health very quickly. Save money for visits of cinema, theaters, for country travel, for purchase of disks, computer games etc. of

8. In the family budget it is necessary to have money for any contingencies.

Money which remains after the accounting of all expenditure needs to be kept for the planned purchases of expensive things, the apartment, the car and carrying out holidays.

The provided list of profitable and account parts of the budget is very approximate. Everyone can paint the individual budget what it goes in economy on. By the way, now there is a set of the simple computer programs allowing to keep account of home accounts department without special problems.

Where to store and where to invest spare cash?

Spare cash which remains with you every month after a deduction of all expenditure of should not store houses in bank at all . They depreciate from - for inflations can be in addition stolen if your apartment “gentlemen of good luck“ visit. Your money has to work for you!

People of the senior generation probably remember one of the few advertizing decorating streets of the Soviet cities: “Store money in a savings bank!“ This council did not become outdated and now. It is possible to put part of spare cash into the account in Sberbank, it is only necessary to look among deposits where offer bigger percent. Usually, is the fixed ruble deposits giving up to 5% per annum.

I advise never “to put all money in one nest“. You will choose several banks, including and commercial, there the annual percent on a fixed ruble deposit will be from 7 to 12% that considerably exceeds the maximum percent offered by Sberbank.

Some people are afraid that the Russian national currency is not too reliable that to store the terribly earned money in it. They prefer to transfer rubles to currency - euro or US dollars. Categorically I do not advise to open currency accounts in Sberbank. You receive scanty percent for them. In this case it is better to turn the look on commercial banks. Depending on bank you receive on currency deposit from 10 to 12% per annum.

Perhaps, someone from you will prefer to invest spare cash in actions some joint-stock company (JSC) to get profit of this enterprise in the form of dividends. Before taking shares of the joint-stock company, I advise to consult with the expert. Well the shares taken at fuel companies, for example, at “Gazprom“ work. Despite modest 2% per annum which were offered first by this enterprise the stock value over the last 10 years grew even by 30 times! 2% per annum, at annually growing stock value, bring in very notable income. On a cost difference when you took shares and in several years you sell them, it is possible to earn very good money.

But if you are afraid to risk, that is one more easy way to keep your savings: create the personal gold reserves. Now any person can buy a measured ingot of gold . Gold at any inflation guarantees you financial stability. If in the country an unstable financial situation, then a gold ingot it is possible to sell at more expensive price which includes the amendment on inflation. Purchase and sale of gold ingots by simple citizens is made on the basis of “Rules of commission by banks of transactions of purchase and sale of measured ingots of precious metals with natural persons“. Where it is possible to get gold ingots? Yes in the same Sberbank. The same bank can sell the ingot of gold. It is the best of all to store gold in the certified storage.

Live within means and be able to plan the budget for a long-term outlook. Remember, you are owners of the financial freedom!