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Modern parents try to write down education for kids of

the children on all existing circles and sections now, to teach to read them and to write (and it is desirable on English, French and still some language) at least already to 3 - x the summer age, etc. of

my opinion - should develop the child. Here it is important, not to “go too far“ - at the child, after all, there has to be a childhood in which he not only constantly studied, but also just played and walked.

And the most important is to choose those sections and circles, by the principle “to what my child has a tendency“. I consider what should be chosen quite so. That is, not “than I want that my child was engaged“, and “for what my child reaches“. I once again emphasized this moment since we, parents, like “to break“ into life of our children. As a result, it is possible to hear the following talk:

“I you wrote down in a dancing circle. You will be flexible, you will learn to dance.“
“You will go to music school. I in the childhood was not driven there, and I want that my children became musicians“.

You at, my readers, in the childhood had no such situations? Write down you in music school. And you go and suffer there. The most important whether it helped you with life? Or caused permanent disgust for music? The only explanation here - “it was for the general development“.

Generally, I offer the councils helping to choose suitable for your child, section.

1) Do not try to realize, by means of your child, the dreams which did not come true in life. “I did not become an architect. Let my son to them will become. Also do not argue with me!“. Your child has talents and the dreams. Help it to formulate and carry out them better.
2) Look what your child most of all likes to do. It is noticeable. The child likes to draw (or to paint)? Write down in art studio. It is pleasant, to mold? There zhej Likes to sing songs, and at the same time, at it it well turns out? Write down in a musical circle. Perhaps, your child likes to retell true-life stories (or animated films) in “paints“? And suddenly it has an actor`s talent? Generally, show your observation.
3) Surely ask your child - whether it will be interesting to it to go to such classes? On its reaction you can already understand, its it or not.
4) Communicate to future teacher of your child. As far as she is able to communicate with children, age of your child? What for the person? It will be good if you visit, at least, one its lesson. Ask parents whose children go here for a long time. What do they think of this school and its teachers? Eventually, you give to this teacher of the child. And still, you pay this teacher money. So, I consider that I have the right for such choice of the teacher of the son.
5) If you started walking, and it is not pleasant to the child. He with melancholy goes to classes, and joyfully runs home after classes. Whether costs it torments and to continue to drive violently there the child? To solve, of course, to you. But you remember what is rather easy to cause disgust for any business.
6) But before to refuse from section, just in case, try to understand what is not pleasant to your child? Perhaps, the reason not in a subject, and in boring (tiresome, not clear, etc.) teaching? Or in roughness of the teacher? In this case, it is better to change school, than a subject of training. All the same, you does a monkey business, continuing to drive the child through “there I do not want“.

To help the little man to realize itself in this life is a noble cause! Good luck to all of us!