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How to mother all to be in time? Any mother (and the father too) at some moment after the birth of the kid begins to notice

that time catastrophically is not enough for anything. Days replace each other with the amazing speed. But not made affairs collect more and more. Whether it is possible to get out of this situation somehow? The answer - yes! The most interesting, as at not given rise (and, respectively, nobody bringing up) it happens pretty often. Time at us in days only 24 hours. And it was impossible to throw with a two-three of additional hours to anybody. To stop time too it will not turn out. Means it is necessary to learn to operate itself in time. That is, to plan the time. I want to tell as it is done by me.

Answer the question “And What, as a Matter of Fact, You Want to Be in Time?“ can be and do - that was necessary nothing.

Think “Why you need to be engaged in these affairs?“ However, why to you it? What will change if you do not make it? If nothing changes, then can it is necessary undertake something else?

In other words, it is necessary to make the list of affairs which you want to undertake. List. Be not naive, believing that you will be able to hold everything in the head. Sit down for three minutes and entrust your plans to paper. When so you do, it is possible to see that the scope of work, appears, not such and big. Presentation, however …

What put from the list urgent and what can be postponed for couple of days (but, surely, not later than a weekend)?

whether It is possible some of these affairs to entrust to somebody to another (for example, to the husband)?

What is the time it will be necessary for you for performance of each of these affairs? You proceed from the experience. How many usually at you leaves time for similar affairs?

So, you made the list of affairs, placed them as priority and defined time of performance of everyone. All collected and, surely, information which is written down by you allows to pass to planning of your time for the next week.
Yes, I will emphasize, it is better to plan the affairs for all week at once, but not to live one, but planned, in the afternoon. Why? Because you surely will have unforeseen circumstances which will impede the implementation of your plan for day. And each outstanding business adds despondency to our life. We already faced it.

Absolutely other turns out if you have a list of affairs for a week. Plus to it, you already know how many for you it is necessary time for performance of each of them. If in accordance with the circumstances you do not manage to make the business planned for today, then it is easy, having looked in your list, can replace it with shorter occupation on time.

And if there is not enough time for it and today any more, then you watch your plan for week, and you transfer business the next day. Eventually, you have six more days ahead. Compare, “I did not manage to make today planned and when now I undertake it I do not know“ and “I was not in time today. And here on Thursday I precisely will make it - there I just have spare half hour“. There is a difference? To live so becomes more cheerful. And the most important, thus, not circumstances operate us, and we begin to operate circumstances.