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Windows XP or 7?

PC users even more often ask a question of whether it is worth changing the Windows XP operating system for something else from a line of Microsoft. In spite of the fact that HR since time of the exit in 2001 proved from the best party, it became morally outdated. At first sight sees that excellent alternative is Windows 7 which surpasses HR in some functional parameters. But in order that it was possible to choose it should be taken into account features of both systems.

The Windows XP - the honored veteran with the decent list of advantages: simple, reliable, stable and not resource-intensive. The recommended requirements to the hardware of the computer are minimum: processor 800 MHz, videocard of 64 MB, RAM 512MB. Everyone can provide a similar complete set. Certainly, the speech goes not about a game configuration here.
If not to go into details, we will note that the speed of operation of applications in HR high, is easy control of a personal profile of the user, installation of the equipment is possible, hard drives of large volumes, the interface of pleasant design, easily adjusted toolbar optimizing access to programs and files are supported. It is not the complete list of improvements in comparison with the previous versions.

HR have also shortcomings. The happening mistakes and failures leading to emergence of “the death screen“ and, as a result - to loss of not kept data, cause troubles from time to time. The reasons can different: conflict of drivers of the equipment, mistake in work of programs. Standard media - the player without installation of additional codecs does not support many formats of video and audiofiles.

As for Windows 7, perhaps, its main advantages are the increased stability, productivity, the user interface meeting the modern requirements of convenience and functionality, accelerating work at the computer; DirectX11, thanks to which quality of the picture in games and video files faultless; also display of fonts, flowers deserves the highest mark. Probably, there is no sense to provide here the full list of functions which are updated or introduced for the first time. In addition to the listed features it is possible to add that the possibility of enciphering not of separate folders appeared, as in a case with HR, and the whole sections. Enciphering is provided with the BitLocker technology with the increased resistance to attacks of malefactors.
From shortcomings first of all we will note increased requirements to iron. It is recommended to use the processor with a frequency not less than 1 GHz, a videocard from 128 MB of memory, and also the RAM not less than 1 - 1,5gb.