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How it is non-standard to use x-ray pictures? Hugh Tervi and his imaginations All of us at least once in life passed

through hands of the radiologist and received from him a marvelous gift in the form of a x-ray picture. The most conscious store these leaflets, the most pedantic - throw out. And the English designer Hugh Tervi turns them into thousands of dollars.

A X-ray for Tervi - a muse who helps to think out and create masterpieces of design art. One of the last series of its works is development of prints for the Dutch producer of the Canyon computer equipment.

Canyon X - Ray is not just next line of the periphery and accessories for mobile computers, it is an ultrafashionable series with the design stylized under unusual x-ray pictures. Devices look as if they were illuminated X-rays, but at the same time images remained bright and not so similar to traditional monochrome pictures.

A range X - Ray enter mice, columns, earphones, bags, a backpack and a cover for portable personal computers of various sizes, and also a vinyl sticker for the laptop.

We will begin with without what far you will not carry away equipment. From a backpack.

the Backpack

For portable equipment, including for the laptop with diagonal to 16 inches, quite convenient and reliable. Material of which it is made, to the touch pleasant and by sight waterproof. All zippers are well stitched, and “doggies“ are decorated with Hugh Tervi`s signature. In general, its signature is present at all devices - somewhere is integrated into a print, somewhere into a certain detail of the device.

The print really bewitches, in the smallest details chips, transistors etc. are traced. All this violence looks it is poisonous - green interiors of the personal computer very effectively. Computer maniacs and admirers of cyberpunk style especially have to estimate such design.

As for convenience of operation then there are no claims any. Capacious offices for a laptop with a flypaper and protective walls. The set of additional offices and pockets is also present. The back has a special soft insert therefore even if long to walk with a backpack behind shoulders, the discomfort should not be.

the Portable speaker system


If to take the modest sizes into account, then sounding it is possible to call almost ideal. At a big loudness kids did not rattle and did not make foreign sounds which would spoil composition. It appeared quite enough to reproduce music from the laptop and the tablet, and to do to the total power of 5 W it much better than the built-in loudspeakers.

Columns through 3,5 mm of audio - Jack are connected, and eat through USB - the interface therefore for work with the tablet it is necessary to buy special charging from a network with an exit to USB, it is not complete with the device. It is not really convenient, but initially these columns intended for work with the laptop and the netbook.

the Wireless mouse

the Case of this baby is symmetric to

, average by the size and is added with inserts software - tach on each side. It is simple and plain in respect of technical characteristics (permission of 1000 dpi, a standard set of buttons, tiny 2,4 GHz the receiver), but is unique from the point of view of design. Yes, over it Tervi and Canyon worked wonderfully well. All top surface is painted in x-ray style therefore the manipulator is rather similar on the fancy robot, than to a computer mouse. It is an excellent gift for quite itself the acceptable money. Nobody will refuse it.

the Vinyl sticker

This accessory gains popularity steam recently. First of all, from - for quite budgetary price tag on rehabilitation of appearance of the scratched laptop. The sticker is simple in use - once measured, once cut off, once pasted - and voila. Laptop cover again new and beautiful.

Summing up acquaintance to a line of accessories Canyon X - Ray, it is possible to tell unambiguously that this very interesting decision in the Russian market. Each of products of a series can become not just next piece of iron on a desktop, and an accessory in everyday life.