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Whether the wave of symmetry will help to become harmonous?

Above all fat women wish to grow thin, constantly going on to themselves this word. Give - we will understand that it bears in itself. “To grow thin“ there is from the word a harm. And poorly - it is not good at all therefore to all who on a diet, really poorly.

It is more correct to use the word in the speech to slim. I wish to be harmonous, I am reconstructed on a symmetry wave, I - harmonous. Class!!

So, symmetry wave.

The reality in which we live is mobile and wavy. It is similar to the sea. It is quiet, storms. Waves of reality are various. Sometimes they are huge and quickly rise up, transferring to the amazing world of success and good luck. Sometimes waves are almost imperceptible, smoothly float by as sailing vessels. Give a sign that good luck and success escape you.

For certain everyone observed such picture. The heat, asphalt, and over it the heated air, and it floats. You were lucky, you saw the movement of reality. Also you do not say that it was not.

Present that a wave in the sea of reality are your thoughts which you send to the thin world. Entities of the thin world infinitely hear the following: “I am thin it. I want on it is thin to etyet. I wish quickly on it is thin to etyet“. Pay attention, you already three times used in the thoughts, and then and in the speech the root “ is thin “. To entities of the thin world all the same, clever you or silly, talented or untalented person, beautiful or not really. They only carry out your order and direct you to a wave is thin shy events. From here and all troubles.

Let`s try to change the course of your thoughts or their orientation. You already know that the reality is wavy. You do not wish to be the gloomy loser? Then act. We begin with thoughts. We think correctly, we speak accurately, we act reasonably. We think that we already are on the roll, good luck, symmetry.

You already harmonous, young, beautiful, successful, successful, perfect. Thought of it is fine! The thin world already accepted your thought. So it is necessary to think not less than 150 times a day. And it is even better to pronounce it aloud 150 times a day. Psychologists call statements of this sort affirmation.

Now experiment. Try to think that you are at top of a wave of symmetry and at the same time you eat fat fried pie with a liver. Feelings can be double. Or it will become opposite to you to eat it, or you will be glad that you eat it.

We will consider the first option. In this case your diet will change. Instead of pie the organism will prompt that it is better to eat. Perhaps, it will be a glass of freshly squeezed juice, apple, orange, vegetables or fruit, vitamin-rich. The crude natural food will bring only benefit.

We will consider the second option. It is pleasant to you to eat pie, and at the same time you are on a symmetry wave, constantly think of it. In that case, as speak, “not to carry corn“. Eating pie, you do not gain excess calories and a bit later pass to the first option - vitamin.

What occurs? Thoughts of symmetry - work of reason. Association with reason - work of soul. The reason and soul are a charm. And here the charm is both symmetry, and good luck and success.

Be charming, harmonous and successful. Be always on the roll - in particular, symmetry waves.