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Why all of you are not rich yet?

Each of us at least once in life dreamed of having enough money for purchase of all that the soul wanted to not to pay first of all attention to the price (not to read the menu on - Arab - from right to left).

But even if you never before thought of similar “mad“ purchases of everyone and everything, then for certain you were visited by other seditious thought - after you fantastically grow rich, you will come to work and will state to the “favourite“ chief everything that you think of him, everything that collected for these years!

In this article I will make several recommendations about improvement of your financial position and fast advance to your financial freedom.

Attentively read each of councils, try on them on yourself, twist in different directions and, without hurrying, think how you will be able to apply it in the life?

1. Devote more time to the solution of the financial questions

People who do not watch the money (the income and expenses, savings, permanent job over creation of new sources of the income), hardly ever will become the rich.

You have to act as the director of own company, to pay attention to the smallest details and to personally control all financial streams in your family.

A test question - how long you sorted the forthcoming expenses on a family council and planned the family budget?

2. Get rid of bad habits

our habits are very important, defining component of our life. If you constantly did earlier nonsenses in the relations with money, then it does not mean at all that you are not capable to begin to treat them differently.

Having changed the usual behavior (or even only several habits), you can improve the financial welfare considerably. As experts speak, only 21 days are necessary for formation of new, correct “monetary“ habits.

A test question - tell right now what most useful and most harmful monetary habits at you.

3. Struggle with temptations

Yes, we live in the world of consumption, we live, something is constant buying. And often people get all new on credit.

To grow rich, it is necessary to learn to operate the desires. We are skillfully tempted with various discounts - actions - sales , we are urged to spend unforgettable holidays on the bank of the exotic sea ( you it are worthy! ), it is regular “ push “ new electronic gadgets (Apple: “We made billions on your show off“).

What it is possible to make with it?
As option if you limit yourself to acquisitions only of one new expensive thing for time, you will see how much on it it is possible to keep the money.

I will explain on an example - try to wait three - six months after purchase next, so would seem, a new thing “necessary“ for you. And after this time ask yourself a question whether really this acquisition is so necessary for you?

4. Use the rule of one third

of One of very successful strategy for accumulation of wealth the rule of one third is so-called ““.

What it means? From any bonus, an award or increase of the income (salary) postpone one third for the savings account. You can spend the second third for yourself, and the last third will go for repayment of the credits and taxes (or investments).

In addition this strategy will help to avoid to you excessive expenditure. Though Baudot Schaefer recommends to postpone not a third, but a half! But I consider that it is suitable only for especially strong-willed people.

5. What will my friends (colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances) think about me?

Still huge number of people live in too expensive apartment (or drive too good car). Actually the taken mortgage loan just ruins them. It seems to me, all these people elementary are afraid to leave the apartments and cars and buy them only to amuse the ego.

Besides, they are afraid - that friends, acquaintances and neighbors will think of them. You worry what all will gossip about your progress or financial failures? Do not pay attention to it, do right thing!

Than quicker you will acquire real estate or the car which will be to you on a pocket, it will be easier for that for you to create the personal wealth.

And what you think about it?

What recommendations you can easily apply

in the financial life and what cause in you the greatest rejection?

Remember, if in the head - a shed, then the palace you do not construct !