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What for an animal such - the real man? By Some for all life the worthy sample of strong part of mankind is not possible to meet

. For this reason the offer to include the rare representative of Homo sapiens in “Red List“ and to make special efforts on preservation of a look was more than once made.

However the main complexity is that as soon as the woman begins to protect and protect the man from extinction, so he stops being present at once! As a result of experiences over rats - men scientists came to a conclusion that the most effective way of preservation of the real man`s population is active cultivation of the real female population. This phenomenon received the name: “Do not go against the nature, companions“.

Attempts of preservation of a look in special conditions of the reserve were also made. However the result is received extremely negative. From paradise monasteries valuable representatives disappear at once in the unknown direction. And those which remain are cheap fakes subsequently. From here the conclusion is drawn: real men best of all propagate and remain in a natural environment, and even in difficulties.

And meanwhile many representatives of the younger generation do not even know what is “real man“. Muzhchinok is a lot of, and there are no men. At the same time girls very much want to get the relations with strong part of mankind, but not with their similarity. Therefore there was actually detailed description.

is authentically known Of real men that

They live in different places. Can be in society with other representatives of strong part of mankind or with an opposite sex. However never start intimate relations with similar.
die In military operations the first. Then streets call by their name, write about them in the history.
do not accept embellishments. Can carry a wedding ring, but this element represents the fact of presence of the real woman, but not a beautiful well-groomed finger.
it is noticed Long ago that in our society males with a high income level are quoted. This fact has inconsistent value. On the one hand, the real man is able to provide the family in prosperity and will never dare to be the gigolo. But, at the same time rich does not mean real. And sometimes at all even on the contrary. Thus, the level of prosperity is only conditional confirmation of “breeding“ of a male.
Among some males it is accepted in the indirect ways to show the sizes of genital body before people around. Thus attempt to declare loudly the doblestnost, success, a dostoynost etc. becomes. However for a long time it is noticed that the size of genital body in direct, figuratively does not influence “nastoyashchesta“ degree. Moreover, the stronger the male shows the causal body, the smaller trust causes its IQ.
By the way, at the valorous representative of strong part of mankind high intelligence quotient is obliged to be. Women do not love stupid and fools.
the Studied persons, as well as all representatives of Homo sapiens, are subject to adverse effect of alcohol. This illness is very dangerous because it turns any person into a nedochelovek.
the fact that even at big courage real men can lose a speech power in the presence of charming ladies Is remarkable. And moreover, if the charming lady with scope cuts to the real man a frying pan on a head (that happens extremely seldom), then at it all muscles will automatically atrophy. And all there will be enough forces for, it to leave. At once and forever.
By the way if they leave, then really forever. They have proud hot blood. It does not mean that they are not able to forgive. Are able! But get accustomed only where there are a mutual respect and the worthy attitude towards their personality.
Heroes of our narration do not love “women from the Russian settlements“. Because elephant at full tilt can drive in the burning log hut, without someone`s help. At the same time strong representatives of mankind honor and respect the women. It is considered a bad form to offend mother of the children. Mothers of children in the relations feel “absolutely safe“.
Real men are able to cry. When it is pertinent, can splash out the emotions. But are not able to ache, complain, sulk, inflate sponges etc. At them these skills in genes are absent. But there is a congenital courage, courage, nobility and honor. They protect these values and honor all life, from the youth.
They are able to be on friendly terms, love, sincerely to rejoice and grieve. There is even such concept as “man`s friendship“. It is meant that this phenomenon has the right to exist only among the known part of the population.
according to some women, the look is inherent in real men special, up to the soul depth. At such look, according to them, “on a body goosebumps run“ (from a pleasure anticipation). Ladies at the same time experience excitement, weakness in a body and desire at once to fall in embraces. Of course, they do not show it. But real men and without them know everything. When consider that time came “to graduate from this theater“, just are enough object of desire and bear in the den. They do it once and for all.
the Running goosebumps at the described look are inherent also in opponents of the real man. But in this case already for fear. They say that special handymen can win one look. But, anyway, the special, confident, courageous, courageous look is peculiar to all real men.

The real man can always be felt on eyes and special internal feeling of awe and boundless respect. This is the person in whom there is a strong internal core. He can lead a regiment or even to deliver.

But he did not learn to breed together with strong-willed strong women who were widely adopted in society recently.