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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 24 - 25? “Hungry games“, etc.

this week we will be able to observe powerful inflow to movie theaters of youth audience. From younger preschool age to seniors and students. In total thanks to the fact that on March 22 in Russia several target projects, including the youth futuristic thriller “Hungry Games“, three-dimensional option of Disney`s classics “The Lion King“ and still a couple of animation projects in the 3D format start at once.

“Old men“ should be content with a new image of brutal Mel Gibson in the criminal comedy “Cheerful“ vacation“, the razzing black parody with abundance of violence and The Bum with a Shot-gun blood, and also a duet of the European pictures from France and Great Britain. And now is more detailed:

1. “Hungry games“ (The Hunger Games, 2012)

the Agiotage around the screen version of the teenage best-seller of Susanne Collins is not casual

. All the matter is that authors of the movie (including the writer who acted on the project as the producer) not unreasonably hope to occupy the niche which was deserted after Potteriana`s termination and empty waiting for the last part of “Twilight“. “Hungry games“ is a rattling mix of a fantasy, anti-Utopia and teenage romanticism with attributes, indispensable for these genres. The premiere of the film of Gary Ross promises to become, at least, an event, even before start of a picture in cash desks of movie theaters of America more than 1 million tickets are sold.

There is a wish to hope that the teenage reading matter of Collins will avoid a fate of the vampire saga and will not become a shelter of bad taste, excessive sweetness and subject indistinctness. Creators of the movie invited in the project not only promising young actors, like Jennifer Lawrence (“Beaver“, “Ickx`s People: The first class“) and Dzhoshakhatchersona (“Travel to the center of Earth“), but also popular stars - Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson. It has to help the movie not only overcome criticism for abundance of stamps and muffled camerawork, but also to become pledge of future victories, very few people doubt that “Hungry games“ will turn into the next successful Hollywood franchize.

2. “The Lion King“ (The Lion King, 1994)

something new Is hard to say about the well-known masterpiece of the animated genius Disney. Still then, in the middle of 90 - x years when Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff`s creation only came out, the animated cartoon set up several records at once, including financial. Today, when the majority of the leading studios gradually refuses traditional, flat animation, “The Lion King“ continues to please the admirers, but now in fashionable 3D - a format. The updated masterpiece, long ago and surely taking the place among the most successful projects of Disney, at the expense of volume got new admirers and again earned to the creators considerable money. Certainly, much will want to enjoy once again adventures of Simby on the big screen, to acquaint with this remarkable character of the offsprings and to remember itself 18 - summer prescription.

3. “The bum with a shot-gun“ (Hobo with a Shotgun, 2011)

Patience - final substance. It is only Moscow - rubber, and the people living in megalopolises are on a limit for a long time. As, for example, the hero of Rutger Hauer to whom bothered to vegetate in the deprivations and troubles caused by imperfection of human nature. One fine day he took a shot-gun in hand and began methodically, with taste to shoot all rubbish which flooded streets of its city. Not the best example for imitation, but that if in other ways to eradicate the evil it is impossible?

The tape of the Canadian director Jason Ayzener represents pure, not turbid morals a sample of a trash mockery over reality. Whether it is necessary to say that dismantling of the homeless tramp with extremists, prostitutes, pedophiles, drug dealers and other crowd is removed with frightening naturalism. This opus degenerated from a short film in the feature film thanks to the old competition announced by a friendly tandem of Tarantino - Rodriguez within the Grayndkhaus project. In a wide release of the USA the bloody creation of Ayzener did not leave, having frightened film distributors the ultraboundary level of violence and a peculiar black humour from which even at skilled film fans hair bristle. Product, certainly, on the fan, but fans of “Machete“ of the same Rodriguez like be pleasant.

4. “Cheerful“ vacation“ (Get the Gringo, 2012)

It is unclear what destinies of 20 million and the new movie with Mel Gibson`s participation appeared in hands of debutants, but the Australian always differed in unpredictable behavior. Old times Gibson, remembering offenses of the past, decided to ignore offers of large film studios and in a co-authorship with two beginners wrote the scenario modest under the budget, but very driving, cool and raunchy adventure fighter in the best traditions of himself.

His hero spends vacation in Mexico, but not in the resort of Acapulco, and in local prison where, speak, it is slightly worse than a condition, than in lock-ups of Norway. It is necessary to pooblamyvat also horns to local authorities both to do some shooting much and to joke fairly. And light excellent option of easy pastime in the company with the favourite actor who, despite persecution in mass media and respectable age, still can show teeth as young and early and did not dream.

On it the list engaged the prime minister comes to an end and the list of debutants which should fight for a place in the sun fairly begins. Undoubtedly, the particular interest for parents and the least audience is represented by two three-dimensional animated films. Will compete with “The Lion King“ to them it is rather heavy, but who promised what will be easy?

With greetings from Scandinavia on the Russian screens will appear “Torahs: Legend of Vikings“ . This red-haired fellow with ambitions has no relation to the pumped-over character of marvelovsky comics. And it pleases. Though the animated cartoon is also stuck together on a curve of the western samples, northern color everything is is felt. Animation is traditionally computer, and 3D - the format, apparently, is already considered by something self-evident. Amusing entertainment for those to whom it is still far to 16 is predictable. As well as history of a fearless dog in the animated film “Jock“ dubbed by the singer Bryan Adams and the actor William Baldwin. “Jock“ - the first three-dimensional project created by animators of the Republic of South Africa is also based on the local best-seller, the autobiographical story of century prescription.

The European cinema this week is presented by two tapes. The French drama “The boy with bicycle“ which is treated kindly by prizes of the European film academy and jury of the Cannes Film Festival narrates about destiny of the boy thrown by the father. The uncompromising fellow was sheltered at herself by the goodhearted woman, but that cannot understand in any way why living and quite healthy parent was fenced off from him by a wall of misunderstanding and indifference. This tape - not the first success of brothers Dardenn from Belgium. Their movies already twice, in 1999 - m (“Rosette“) and 2005 - m (“Child“) won the Golden Palm of Cannes.

Admirers of the British cinema definitely have to like the tragicomedy “Marigold Hotel: The best of exotic“ with participation of such remarkable performers, as Judee Dench, Bill Nayi and Tom Wilkinson. This slow tape will tell a story of group of the pensioners who arrived to once luxurious hotel in India to finish the way in luxury and rest. Alas, the best times of “Merigold“ already sank into oblivion therefore new lodgers should find to themselves other entertainments which are even better, than generous promises of advertizing leaflets.