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How to download video with Youtube without use of programs or the Internet of services?

we will make a reservation In advance that this way is applicable for the Opera browser, for other browsers perhaps will work too, but the author did not practice on them, but slightly below I will describe how to be with them in that case.

So you wanted to keep / download any pleasant video with youtube. Saw and wanted to transfer to someone else for those who has no computer but there is dvd a player or just want to write down to yourself for memory and to put a disk on a regiment. Options there can be a various quantity, well it is not so important now, another that video has to lie at you on the hard drive or on any other carrier is more important.

And so we will start everything to primitiveness simply we pass into such folder:
C: / Users//AppData/Local/Opera/Opera/cache / in it will be still the whole collection of folders, is stored in them cached (the kept video not only with youtube) video, will be also a flash advertizing and a lot of other garbage. How to pass into such valuable directory you ask? For those who does not use any file managers (if this word not familiarly means we go the first in the way) I will describe as to make it. For a start we will open the control panel, further from above there is a dropping-out list category choose small or large badges then parameters of folders, we choose a tab a look, we lower the runner down and at the very bottom we see a button to show the hidden files, folders and disks, we press Ok, now we open the conductor or my computer we come on a disk C, further and we reach the folder following on this way of C: / Users//AppData/Local/Opera/Opera/cache/.

There is an option press a key vindovs drawing on it with a window vindovs and R t more simply. e we clamp two keys together of W+R the window appears to execute here in it and we enter this sequence of folders, Ok and the conductor with a lot of folders will open. How to learn where there is our video? We choose to allocate all or we press Ctrl+A and Del. Removed all folders and now we come on youtube and we watch our favourite video. If that is to open the folder several files there we press F5 several times for updating of a window and we observe as the size of one file has to increase, in it and video remains. That`s all we copy this file anyway it will weigh more than 10 MB, we choose the file with the largest volume it is copied, further peremenovyvay and it is changed to it expansion on *. FLV. All videos it is ready you can to record it, to send, convert and to do anything with it. One more option you come into the conductor more simply, you press F3 - also you write search of cache or Opera there and further you will see found, safely you pass there and you copy. There is a lot of options as all this to make choose any pleasant.

Now as for other browsers the same principle it is just necessary to find this folder where video remains. Here too it is not really difficult to make it, we download any advanced task manager, any program which can trace the changing files, there was such FileMon program the monitor of files earlier, it will not work at Windows 7 but it is possible to find analog or the new version. I think work with this program will not make any complications, it for those who loves researches and wants to get to the truth.

And finally would like to help curious. There is the second option of saving stream video this preservation in random access memory of the RAM. Here it is slightly more difficult, but the same principle. We do signature poiskv memories of video, we determine the volume of video and we copy on the hard drive. As we deal with stream video, costs if it is interesting to read something on this subject.

For those who has the file manager I think you should not explain how to find such folder. And one more moment do not close the Opera browser until you will not copy video to other place yet or on other carrier as after closing of a window of the browser or a tab of video is removed at once. I wish pleasant viewing!!!