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How to keep the forces and it is correct to apply them? Part third.

Later some time to the director were necessary to go all - to the doctor. The doctor understood at once in what he the reason and asked him for what you clouted the kid of ten dollar when he tore one dollar ? The wife too during an instant understood that a problem that it kept all in itself(himself), and this case was only an occasion what her husband it was discharged vapoured .

And so we can take from this story? There is psychological health is shown not only in mentality, but also influences an organism in general. Let`s look how it occurs. The nervous terminations or just nerves operate our bodies, for example heart has two special nerves, each of them is connected to our brain, a brain analyzing a situation makes the decision to accelerate work of heart or to weaken, starting up electric impulses on nerves. At a fright, fear our heart begins to slow down the rhythm, at too slow rate of heart there can be a faint that most often and happens. At aggression heart accelerates the beats much, the blood pressure raises owing to what pressure increases? Here too there are nerves which regulate pressure, lift or lower. All excessive increases or decreases lead to diseases if it occurs very often, chronically, but generally the person tests only easy indispositions, weight in a stomach, dizziness. All this occurs at emergence of our emotions, a brain controlling our emotions, makes management over our organism. So here is how emotions in our organism are shown financially.

But we left far from the answer as it is necessary to exhaust. Of course the quicker we will release the collected energy the better, the simply is strong physical activities, it is possible to be wrung out from a floor, to be tightened or something similar, when there is no such opportunity and you are for example in office that can be advised various options here:
in - the first is costed by everything collected to tell someone or to write on paper (better to keep the diary) it is possible to call it revelation or a raskaivaniye in church for believers. in - the second are not important as but it is required to be exempted from energy mortido, to be run or jump, to important use a maximum of physical forces before getting tired.
the best option to relax it as much as possible to strain, various technicians of a relaxation can help the person, but only not that who has in the head cockroaches as they will interfere with suggestions and other. As much as possible as far as it perhaps we squeeze a palm in a fist to pain, and raszhimay with the same force, at the same time the hand is required to be raised up if you lie or aside, then we squeeze a hand in an elbow, thus we will relax our muscles of a hand, and we will bring calm and silence in our organism. We work also with other hand, legs can be relaxed in the same way though lying though sitting. It is worth working with such method over all over. We do exercises until we can usually sustain 20 - 40 compression - raszhatiya there is enough, but once again I want to emphasize it it is required to do as it is possible strongly on a limit of the opportunities.

To mention about a stiffness of muscles I think costs for a number of reasons. In - the first the stiffness leads to a habit. In - the second it brings energy loss. In - the third very few people know but the uncertain person is often clamped, his organism thus is protected expecting in advance future troubles but they are not objective and are fed with cockroaches in his head. In - the fourth it leads to the wrong blood circulation, and as a result to diseases and other negative manifestations. Our thoughts generate emotions, and emotions generate thoughts (the images fixed in the childhood and through suggestions) our body, an organism which gives response to our brain suffers from emotions. Everything in the world is interconnected and also our body not an exception influences at each other.

Now we will pass to a libido, to more pleasant energy. This energy is also love as inanimate (what fine music or the artist`s masterpiece) so love to an opposite sex. What here can be advised? Wants to love everyone and everyone wants to be a darling it is known to all, but very few people know how to achieve this human love. It is only possible to be influenced by it in a way of mistakes and pleasures, eventually it is worth it. We Veerntsya by our childhood to those roots from which sprouted our problems and pleasures.
Not the secret that parents set an example to the child as it is necessary to love how to care, look after it. p both let many parents and do not tell about all this to the child, he feels all love and care through verbal signals, and copies the behavior as the father and mother do it, also he tries on on himself their role, and tries to apply all what was seen on an opposite sex.
arise his initial knowledge of love per se Here, without words but only absorbing the family atmosphere of love or its absence, penetrated by emotions it absorbs these feelings and examples of behavior and leaves them on all the remained life. In a consequence throughout all life it copies unconscious actions the behavior. The human body learned to keep the energy long ago, so the brain of the person consumes the lion`s share of our forces, that subconsciousness undertakes a role of the saving element in this chain, it applies habits, those actions which we make on the automatic machine and we do not reflect (and why it we are already able to do time it and everything is perfected to automatism + besides the brain does not consume excess energy) when zavyazuy laces or we turn on the light, we take cover a blanket and other not only small actions but also more serious, just we it do not notice (the brain is switched off at this moment) and all here. It is possible to analyse the childhood to lose anew all pictures which we remember, and to pass everything through itself, wondering what I saw looking at the parents, in different situations what I tested, and eventually what said to me that forbade (whether it was reflected in their behavior or it they wanted to make you such with what wanted?) what was encouraged, and you will see a lot of things, from - for what you make such actions, but not any others.

It is the simplest to apply sublimation and to transfer the love to the hobby, hobby, hobby. Each of us has a hobby let it will not be such creative as at the musician, the composer or the artist, but nevertheless it is better than to spend time in empty, at the same time still receiving the mass of addictions what pro-driving leads thoughtless time to.
should be mentioned Here only that anyway your hobby has to pass first of all interestingly and interestingly for you, haste, planning, it something like creative swimming in a slow rhythm where it is possible to manage to think, dream up, show the creativity, eventually you the creator of the masterpiece is not welcomed here: collections of brands, repair and tuning of the motorcycle or car. Start up all these occupations and pass with you through all your life, but they will not be able to replace love to the person, often you have thoughts to share result work with other person and not seldom you think of an opposite sex as you could boast of the hobby, process, result or just to ask council as if all this looked from the point of view of your half.