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How to keep the forces and it is correct to apply them? Part second.

we will not consider a large number of proofs that energy, electric charges, forces are not material components of our existence. The person spends the most part of energy for a libido and mortido.
of the Libido is an energy positive, on the one hand it is possible to tell that it is energy of love, with another that it is energy of creation, creations anyway a libido (inclination) it is good to some framework, borders of its use, of course. The ultimate goal of a libido is a sex, love of the man and woman in the form in which it is known to all, but the person can not always reach libido peak, and it can sublimate (to transfer the love to other objects: pictures, music, cars at everyone the), thus, satisfying with a libido the inclination.
Should telling that it is very important to satisfy also a libido and mortido as not satisfaction and that and another just and leads the person to the fact that it loses the forces, call energy as you want, the result will be one person just is exhausted spiritually. How to avoid this exhaustion we will consider all possibilities in turn. And now we will look that it mortido.

Mortido is a contrast of a libido and represents negative energy. It is rage, aggression and all its modifications both easy and heavy. Ultimate goal mortido this murder of other person or suicide. But usually ultimate goal is seldom achieved, and the person enjoys besides sublimation and transfers energy of destruction to inanimate objects. Strangely enough but mortido it can be used also in the good purposes, it is for example work on a kitchen garden of the giving, here the person spends the energy for destruction of the earth, but at the same time profits from the earth as result of the grown-up food. This destruction is shown in digging up of a kitchen garden, weeding, watering and t. p etc. Fine application is sport, the person directs the efforts, is exhausted, is tired, but in too time the aspiration to leadership to be the first tempers the character, there is a discipline, will power and other. All this considered application mortido does not break laws of society and morals. But of course there are also also violations of laws and we all perfectly know them, on them we will not stop. The simple option is a breaking of rage on pieces of furniture, household appliances and other, to break ware or something similar. But besides not all is so good as we want and the person can find application mortido both in a bad case, and in good. Violence, pummeling, fights and other all this we can observe and observed more than once.

Now let`s concern such important parameter as application mortido or a libido. It appears at these differently polar energiya, there is also a direction. The first - energy is directed in the person and the second - energy is directed outside. If the person applies mortido in himself that there is a self-flagellation, self-torture, test of sense of guilt, and other anyway the person can drive himself into a depression or even apathy, in of course account all and occurs. Mortido directed from the outside of course is imposed on other people or any objects live or not wildlife. A libido internally of course it is good and the person uses it for an assessment of as persons, vanity, pride of respect, but in a certain framework, in too time shortage can affect the person too. Libido outside we already considered it love to an opposite sex or its application to objects of creation (hobbies, interests, a hobby) or to objects of honoring and respect (idols, fans, favourite music, movies and other).

We slowly approach an essence of told. From everything is higher described we come that the person spends the energy for the desires! As soon as the person has a desire, afterwards we try to satisfy it. If it is impossible the person begins to accumulate rage, irritation and other and even if it does not occur though in obvious though in the hidden look, all the same we spend energy for maintenance of in way to the planned purpose. It can be explained a little in a different way. The battery we already represented ourselves, and now we will present ourselves the condenser (such element of electronics which can accumulate a charge, electric current) and so at emergence of desire we charge the condenser and we hold a charge until we receive the desirable if we reach it that we discharge the condenser, otherwise all of us it is more and we spend energy for maintenance of a charge more in the condenser as we would have limited amount of energy that we cannot infinitely feed the condenser, eventually we are exhausted. And happens to the person, only as the condenser we use the brain. Yes the brain is the condenser, it accumulates all mental energy, it memoirs (images - pictures), memory of emotions (we remember when to us it was good when it is bad), thoughts and many other things. In too time the brain also operates all mental energy, it is capable to constrain emotions!!! and it is very important for us, in that plan that the feeling of morals does not allow us not to laugh for example in not a convenient situation, or to begin to cry, the brain allows us to constrain for a while manifestation of the emotions to release later in a convenient situation. But here time of control, accumulation has to be as it is possible minimum as the brain consumes our energy. And here we can observe very important thing it when the person can not be exempted from the collected emotion. What will occur in that case? And there will be a suppression of energy of emotion, and over time it will get into subconsciousness.

And subconsciousness has very powerful impact on the person, it is the store of our unconscious actions (made and you cannot understand why you made it) our education, our character, our auto-suggestion and strangers too and many other. All suppressed over time does not disappear completely (as the law of energy conservation, energy cannot disappear and will appear from from where it can only pass from one look into another) and emerges, causing to the person various inconveniences, including diseases and other negative impact on mentality, and health of the person a bit later. Subconsciousness is a separate subject for talk, we will not touch it now. I just wanted to point to importance of subconsciousness and no more than that.

So what we can do in order that to accumulate control of the emotions, desires? The natural answer, maybe, to get rid of them in the minimum time.
But this council can much it will not be pleasant and of course it is not ideal option of solution of problems. Let`s turn to the question « now; how not to spend force in empty and to keep them or it is rational to apply ?

Let`s learn for a start how it is correct to spend forces for rage, aggression, etc.
Is possible in this occasion to remember to a floor - a joke to a floor - a legend:
One plant manager began to sleep uneasily and to often lose a dream from - for an elevated pressure, head pains, his wife could not understand in what the reason of his sufferings. It turned out that at plant there were very burning issues with workers, with production recently, the director could not cope with anything though he in former time was able to operate both people and technologies.
the Collected problems, not resolved conflicts it naturally began to bring home, but for some reason, it told nothing to the spouse and what did not share with it, kept all in itself(himself). And here in one day, he came home scary angry, his small child, pulled down at it dollar and tore it for what the father vlupit to it a good box on the ear, in a consequence of what received scandal from the wife that to you it is not necessary to beat so such little son, and in general it against violence over children.