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How to keep the forces and it is correct to apply them? Part one. Many of us remember

as they were cheerful and joyful children and did not know where to apply the not excised energy, remembering the childhood, or watching the, other people`s children
seeing the same picture as the child plays about, frolics, and before going to bed cannot fall asleep as the children`s charge of forces did not run low yet and the child is ready to rejoice to every moment in his life, but parents force it to calm down and to take in hand . Over the years we watch ourselves that we lose forces and we do not understand where they vanish, bringing fatigue, a depression, apathy and many other negative results, from energy loss. Every day all of us begin to be tired, of course, more we gradually grow old, the organism wears out and so on similar, but nevertheless it not the most important on what it is worth focusing the attention. There are factors which each person, despite the age, living conditions, health can change. We can always divide approach to health of the person into two components: the first - this physiological health, the second it - psychological health. If we are treated for an illness that first of all we come to an office of the doctor who goes in for physiology, but we forget or we do not pay attention to health psychology. Someone does not trust in psychology, including it a trifle on which you should not spend time and forces, someone on education does not understand this aspect, it is unimportant from - for what, but many do not take very much to heart such thing as psychology, and in vain.

Let`s consider different approaches to forces of the person or energy to whom as it is pleasant more, and we will understand where, the truth actually is. It is possible to tell at once that the truth is many-sided and meanwhile we know only two sides (yes not two sides, but we on them will not stop) physiology and psychology, having connected them together we will receive a true picture of the seen event of loss of energy and we learn where our forces vanish. If to tell in a different way that we can control the forces combining these two sides more harmoniously, it is the most ideal option. But we will not look for ideals, and for we will touch only one party - psychology. Let`s gather a little theory which will be required to us for consideration of such point of view as psychological energy.

And so it energy? For simplicity of an explanation and ease of understanding we will exaggerate many situations where to exaggerate, where to underestimate the importance of these or those things. we Will present to
ourselves as the battery, a source of electric energy. This analogy very well and in detail can show presentation of energy. And so the person represents the unique battery which contains all his forces. We can recharge it, discharge, hold at rest and any more than nothing. We can physiologically recharge it, eating food, clean air (walks in the fresh air), water and all that the person is capable to use inside, the dream delivers to the person a charge and a modest fortune of rest too. We receive from all this, new energy recharging the battery. There passes the moment and after a while we lose a charge and again we consume (we connect charging) all that it is necessary for us. From the psychological point of view we will consider charging, a discharge slightly later. We already dealt with charging, now we will look as there is a category, first of all it is the banal work of our organism including the movements of our body, a physical activity. In the second turn we lose a charge on again same psychological factor. It is time to consider this mysterious factor. That we will start.

The concept of energy is not something invented, abstract, virtual. In our brain there are power impulses which for a long time the person learned to measure, control and other. Also electric impulses operate our nervous system, and it, eventually operates a body.