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How to achieve vital success?

Why one worker carries out more orders, than others, he is more built and concentrated on process of performance of an assignment? Why one woman can keep to a diet to achieve weight loss, or to hold the figure within grace, beauty, and another is not capable of these actions? Why your neighbor always finds forces to do every day morning jogs, trying to obtain these a good health and a fine tone for all day, and you cannot force yourself and whether it is possible to change everything? All these or similar questions people though sometimes, but set to themselves, or I ask others. All these questions can be united in one more important question which concerns practically all. It sounds quite simply: “Why one tries to obtain in life of much, and another is not capable to repeat after it, even knowing that the successful person undertook to reach big heights“
we Will try to understand what the problem consists in. And the problem per se does not exist until the person or not in falls in a depression, or begins to suffer these questions, after a number of the failures. Getting into psychology we will be able to find not only answers to all these questions, but also to decide how to become that successful person whom you constantly watch in life or you see in mass media.

In life of people it is considered successful from that as it can perform operations which are not pleasant to it (there is no motivation). If the person does not understand for what he it will carry out for what purpose, then with probability of 99% it will not carry out it. As often say about children that it is lazy, does not want to study lessons what is interesting to it, does not know what to be engaged also in t. item. Possibly the child also does not understand really for what to him it needs to be done. It is worth deciding on its values in his children`s life. Relying on values and the purposes which it sets before itself(himself) and should be made a start and found here approach to improvement of its training in school, to achievement of an order in its room etc. Completely lazy children and adults do not exist! Laziness it only absence of motivation of behavior, just is not present the purpose for the sake of which the person is ready to do something.

Psychologists consider that positive emotions only two, the first is interest, the second is pleasure, there is a truth the third emotion it is love (but we will not mention it it a separate subject, the love demands to work much that to reach it). When the person shows interest he is hit morfinopodobny substances in a brain which slightly intoxicate and add to the person big concentration on object of interest. The pleasure is got after implementation, any work (physical or intellectual) as the result of successfully executed business, it is expressed in receiving alcohol which acquires an organism. That is why the person who is not satisfied with the work or does not work comes that “artificial“ alcohol which it consumes over and over again as the organism hungers is necessary for him, and the person is not capable to satisfy it, except as physical use. We digressed of motivation a little.

We will a little more deviate towards psychology as it contains roots in which this problem is born. Than closer at the person images to reality of subjects he is more successful. Less successful person can often be mistaken or excessively dream without seeing reality. The example simple if to ask different people that it arises of them in the head at the word money (for example, it is possible to take any floor) that one will depict the image - the picture as a big pack eternally - green banknotes, another will have an image of the multi-storey building, solid cars and t. d, etc. It is not terrible that at everyone different images, another matter when these images cast by parents, mass media, others suggestions, or any other way distort reality. In relation to money the distorted image can look as: money is the evil, money happens only at not honest people, will not earn all money. As if it did not look anyway the person follows the tastes of these distorted pictures. And in the adult period cannot try to obtain any more decent earnings if at all does not become a problem to earn though any money, as a last resort, it earns them but as cannot hold (money as water, here they and flow away it is unknown where).

The solution of these problems lies on the one hand in the images of various “things“ stored by the person and in parental installations which are most often not possible for changing most during all life. And here over images we can work and change them under the needs. It is reached by auto-suggestion, affirmation (repetition of positive manuals “today day will be very successful“, “I am the most successful person“ and t. p etc. Auto-training and its various combinations is applied.
Into the account of self-discipline. Here it is still simple as well as in case of motivation. There are small delusions into the account of the purposes. In many cases the person has others purposes and dreams, but not the. For example social society considers that the successful successful man has to have the car, the house, a family, etc. But it does not mean that if the person lives one and has no anything above described, but he is happy and glad to be engaged in drawing of pictures, writing of music or any other hobby. Dreams and the purposes are considered as the when the person at this word just has a desire to achieve this dream, the objectives. At this word of people has to feel organism signals (intuition) that is good and that is bad. Others of the word has to receive not verbal signals from the heart, or from all organism. The brain with the logic of reasonings can draw fallacies (false statements, delusions), the intuition if it is developed not when cannot be false, the person has either bad feeling, or good, except of course that case when the person does not listen to the intuition.

So choose the purposes, and you to them will always come as speak if the end justifies the means, then you will reach it anyway. And if it is not YOUR purpose, then you will just spend many forces, means, time, and eventually when you reach “desirable“ it will not cause pleasure and delight, and at this moment you will understand that you not to that walked all this time. So to avoid disappointments ask yourself questions that you REALLY want, write down all desires on a leaf and expose priorities on each of them that it is more important first of all that not so important. After that eliminate not the necessary purposes, and leave two three desires. Determine for yourself REAL terms of their achievement, and at way. I wish all of you execution of your true desires and good luck!