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Why Russians play airsoft, but not in ayrsoft?

Because Russian is big and mighty, and this language very precisely capture the game essence. And here foreign … However, give on - to an order.

Airsoft is such game in war game for adults. Well, for those who did not play enough in the childhood. Aha, and who played enough?. The weapon, is more right those toys which play a strike, usually partial or full game copy of fighting prototypes. It is not the weapon if to proceed from the Russian “Law on the weapon“. Feature of the airsoft weapon is that it is similar to a fighting prototype. It keeps all lines inherent in it, sometimes even company brands are copied. By the way, some airsoft “tools“ are so similar to real fighting prototypes that, having even taken such “toy“ in hand, not at once understand that in hands not the military weapon.

One unit of the weapon is called most often by “drive“, the weapon in general - “Airsoft“ or “soft pneumatics“. The drive because the vast majority of the weapon for airsoft is made on the electromechanical principle - in the case of the weapon costs the electromechanical compressor and the accumulator. When pressing a trigger cock the compressor pumps up air and begins “to spit out“ balls, sometimes with a speed up to 900 pieces a minute. And some especially advanced “toys“, for example, the full copy of a six-barreled machine gun “ěčíčăŕí“ (you remember, how at Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Terminator - 2“?) spit out 5000 balls a minute! However, such weapon has neither return, nor specific loud cotton and a metal clang of moving parts of the weapon during a shot.

But if the person wants that the weapon loudly shot and terribly clanked, please, there is also it. It the gas weapon with system bloubek is called (Gas Blowback). Such weapon is bought by people who need full immersion in game. Well, for sharpness of feelings. The prices of such weapon are, however, higher, than on electromechanical, and one more bad nuance: such weapon it is impossible to play at low temperatures, in the winter on the street, for example. Gas extends not as it is necessary. Well and in the conditions of high humidity, for example, in the crude bunker, the gas weapon can just jam. And here - play with electromecanics, please … Though in a frost, though in dampness.

As shells use plastic balls with a diameter of 6, sometimes 8 mm, they weigh 0,12-0,43 grams. Heavy, strangely enough, fly further …

of Dulnaya energy “airsoft rutting“, as a rule, does not exceed 3 J that allows to consider these “ruzhbayka“, even super - a puper - rifles and machine guns as cost in several thousands of dollars, “the products structurally similar to the weapon“, i.e. toys which are not subject to any licensing and the state account. However, if to carry these pieces through border, it is better to take official to it confirmation, and that it is possible to acquire also troubles. But we will not be about sad …

Difference of the airsoft weapon (soft pneumatics) from usual consists that producers of airsoft drives do everything that these “toys“ externally did not differ from real-life (or existing) fighting prototypes. And here producers of the pneumatic weapon seek for increase of efficiency of firing, considering that in many countries, and in Russia including, the power of the pneumatic weapon (guns, rifles), is quite strongly limited to the current legislation. And here appearance … Well, what will turn out … Though there is also a pneumatics remade from the old military weapon - for example, the pneumatic version of PPSh - 41 (the submachine gun of Shpagin obr. 1941) remade from a real fighting copy.

To game in airsoft the remade pneumatic and other weapon, the main principle of game is not allowed - not to put a trauma at hit of a ball in any part of a body. Though the minimum protective equipment, for example, goggles, nevertheless is necessary. At hit at a short distance in the unprotected part of a body the ball can leave quite severe bruise. As a rule, a role of such protection is played by footwear with high berets, dense clothes and strong gloves which are obligatory in games of this sort. It is desirable to protect a face a special mask in order to avoid perforation (probitiya) of cheeks and ears.

Now about sense of game. Airsoft is either imitation of real combat operations, or a free art in achievement in arms and special tactics and strategy of some purpose defined even before game: for example, until all opponents are killed. In general, airsoft is a set of types of the games differing in the purposes, venues, the involved equipment, tasks and the purposes, requirements to participants etc. Special forces of army of any country to the smallest details of clothes, equipment, the shantsevy tool and, naturally, the weapon are sometimes copied. Places where “fights of local value“ - the woods are developed, the thrown structures, sometimes and leased air-raid shelters or other bunkers. If got to the person a ball, he is considered “killed“ and leaves in “ěĺđňâ˙ę“, a zone for “corpses“. If it is stipulated by rules, through some time the fighter can return to a system.

And now and the answer to a question which is asked in heading.

The term “airsoft“ in 1997 was thought up by the companion who is called Grigory Chukov. Strike (strike) - to strike (to strike, strike blows), Bol (ball) - a ball, therefore, airsoft - blow with a ball. More precisely - defeat by a ball. As precisely this word captures the essence of this most fascinating game - hit the person with a ball, everything, it struck, “corpse“!

And here the foreign name of this remarkable game - “Airsoft“, according to the name like the weapon which is used in these adult postrelushka, does not tell practically anything. Ayr (Air) - air, software (soft) - soft. At once also you will not understand what it is necessary to play...

As it is good that modern Russian and remained rich, mighty and exact, without looking on any cataclysms …