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Calligraphy of life or what can simplify the movement to the purpose? - part one of

Ya I cherish long ago dream to create school at which will teach such important things as understanding of own mission, rules of self-development, regularities of fulfillment of desires and secrets of happiness. One of objects of school of my dream - a life calligraphy.

The calligraphy of life is an ability to use cosmogonic laws of development, success and happiness in daily life. All of us - the destinies running on waves of the ocean. Ability to slide from a wave on a wave - what do not teach anywhere to. And without this ability to hope for execution of the desires - business absolutely useless. Some talent to catch sails wind, it is for the good allowed to use undercurrents and to apply changes to itself from the birth. Some study it throughout life. To finish ability to live at the time of changes to perfection, it makes sense to both the first, and the second to pay attention to, where and as they move, to draw conclusions from mistakes and victories.

... Recently on we wash the horizon the capital of ancient Russia - magic Kiev - a hail loomed. For me it is already the fourth city and the third country of accommodation. The fact that I wrote a cycle of articles is explained by aspiration to share the next useful experience of adaptation and to give to own development the ordered look. Besides, this information will serve as good practical stuff for fresh science of a new era - Life Calligraphies.

The first article will concern not entertainments, but useful affairs. Perhaps, to fans of spontaneity it will be not on temper, but before to go to travel, it is always necessary to stock up with cards, instruments of navigation and the other benefits of the civilized world. Means, the first article has to be devoted to the things simplifying our life.

Useful tools

1. The card of the movement to the purposes
About what such Mind map, was heard by many.
For those who are not familiar with this term, brief information:
of Mimd map or the card of thoughts - the schematic image of system thinking / an alternative way of record. Attracts with presentation, brevity, the fact that “makes active the invisible and deeply stored layers implicit, in other words, subconsciousness“, “cleans tunnel sight“ and even... “enters dialogue with the person“.
It is possible to use a sheet of paper and a pen or any of the programs, in a large number presented to the Internet - space. My choice - the FreeMind program. Free of charge, very simply, the Russian interface, itself can keep cards in different formats.
the Example of use without special delicacy of formatting:


2. Financial statements

Money is an energy. I will not spend the word for an explanation of need to control own finance. For the accounting of the income and expenses it is possible to use a usual school notebook / program for maintaining personal finance / the table Excel. I use the last option in which daily I write down expenditure on days + on categories (food / entertainment / book / payment housing / cosmetics / and so forth) . At the end of every month I create the summary plate of expenditure on categories plus the evident chart. You can create option, convenient personally for you. The most important - to write down an income / expenses daily. It takes 5 - 10 minutes of time therefore you should not evade from this small, but important occupation.

3. Lists

For certain at everyone are daily checked lists of the websites - social networks, news, reviews on the interesting subjects. I ordered all this variety by means of Reader from Google which on one page shows all updates on the subjects interesting me. Besides classical news (policy, business...) I trace news of psychology, culture and literature, critical reviews of novelties of the book market and the poster of actions of Kiev. News on subjects which interest me, but are not my daily occupation (for example, a noetika, IT, music, history and so forth) I do not add to the daily list of viewing not to pollute air. They can be esteemed at any time without fears to learn about something at the wrong time.

Besides, it is good to make the list of books for reading covering literature of different categories: entertainment, study (if you somewhere study), a hobby and the professional literature helping to develop with your area of work.

4. The reporting file

it is important to b to have also reporting document in which you reflect your steps towards the purposes, you fix results and you write down important issues, as in the daily log. My reporting document - the Excel file. A single sheet - separate month. In every month at the left - a date column. Opposite to every day affairs on categories - to columns are written down: routine (regularly carried out affairs, such as cleaning, reading, study, work, sports activities and so forth) cases on the movement to the purpose (important meetings, creative tasks, organization of events and other fulfillments), social life (meetings, communication, acquaintances, visit of theaters, concerts, exhibitions etc.) . In the same place it is possible to report on the read literature, to write down reminders - affirmation and to create To Do Lists. Perhaps, I will once find the ready program combining a possibility of similar business management, however at present independently created tables are submitted to me more adapted for similar needs.

So, the main tools with us. Now it is possible to start drawing up a route!

we Plan a route

is Very useful to express all the purposes and the directions for which you spend energy, in the simple scheme. As I already wrote in the previous article, it is for this purpose convenient to use the Mind Maps equipment.

Then it is necessary to make the mode of week considering all allocated directions of development.
At first needs to write down time which is always taken (working hours, sports activities, class periods) in the schedule. Then to allocate time for obligatory regular actions like cooking, cleaning and house occupations. To distribute free time between the remained directions of application of forces.

I am a person for whom an accurate framework is surely necessary, a rigid framework - and, at the same time, time is necessary for intuitive life. For example, to write books from 8:00 to 11:00 - tempting prospect for which it is necessary to strive. Only the inspiration often drops in on a visit during a lunch, in the middle of the night. To meet friends only on Mondays - good for advantage put a thing. But similar excesses of self-organization lead to what vital energy and interest in life becomes less. I about 4 years during which worked and did the business (plus all years of study for a medal), led the similar life structured on minutes and I know all pluses and benefits of similar style of organization. However and minuses in this system more, than it is enough. I tried and other, purely intuitive way of life.

My conscious choice - the golden mean combining the accurate mode with a possibility of flexible and free approach to the movement.

Having made a route and having defined tactical steps, it is possible to start directly conquest of the world. I will tell about it to you in the following articles.