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As it is necessary to live!

- And so it that … Well, now you speak and I understand that indeed. Precisely, how many time noticed that somehow you so live, it is easy, perhaps. If you see that the person is interested and wants to communicate, and at the same time you have a desire too, you communicate. Well, and if something is not interesting to the person, or he is aggressive-minded, I noticed, you never climb. And often even with such people you find a common language. At some moment I had thoughts that you are simply selfish and do not want that people became happier, time you do not tell everyone what you know. And now I understand what put this useless. You do not tell those who are not ready yet and just does not want. But at the same time readily you share with the one who wants to change something in himself and to become happy.

And you can tell me about how to change yourself? Well I understand that you all - me will not give equally concrete advice. At least share the reflections on this subject. Why in your life there is no anguish and resistance, how in life at many people? How you to it came?

- Of course, I will tell you, time you ask. You know, somehow I watched myself, the actions, behind actions of people around and every day noticed that life sometimes turns into fight and resistance not from the fact that it is life such but only because of our internal protest and desire “to make everything in my opinion“. Then I began a thicket to stop and at such moments when there was a desire something to tell or “to change“ someone, began to wonder: “And where in all this I am? Or I act so on the habit got by someone because did not think of the acts earlier? Why I want to tell the person it? “ Already only after a two-three here of such questions in me that initial heat which was at the beginning died away and I began to notice that, actually, and nobody wants to hear something negative in the address or some lectures and comments, councils and recommendations. Began to notice that when just I listen to the person and I am interested in his opinion, plans and desire to it it is much more pleasant to communicate with me, than would be in that case, do not restrain I from the comments.

Often happens that our desires, experience, knowledge and requirements do not coincide with desires and requirements, with views of other person. And the more often we stop and we are alone to ourselves, we think of the life, the requirements and dreams, the desires and preferences, the we become quieter and surer. We begin to understand and accept more deeply ourselves thanks to what we have deeper understanding and acceptance of other people and their choice.

During this period I understood that the more I accept myself and the life, the more I will accept the choice and life of other people. And the understanding and acceptance are deeper, the easier and more quietly we begin to live. Respectively, and it becomes much more pleasant and easier for surrounding people to communicate with us. The understanding comes that at everyone in this world the requirements and the course of life, the desires and the hobbies. And that when we condemn someone or we demand from it “become not such, become here such, and still it“, thereby we hurt the person and only we alienate him from ourselves stronger.

The less we argue, we learn, we are protected or on the contrary, we accuse, the it is more than force and energy, internal tranquility and pleasure remains in ourselves. The less we show aggression and disagreement with this world, the more in us collects cheerfulness and feeling of happiness.

The more often we abstain from disputes and aggressive upholding of “correctness“, the more we feel the huge internal force and self-confidence. And the more in us forces, the it is more in us rest and internal love to itself and to other people. Yes, I can tell what it does not agree with, I can tell about how I live and why quite so. But at the same time the desire someone disappeared to overpersuade or “to teach correctly to live“. Then I fully understood what means “Live itself, and let`s live to another“.

And finally asked itself a question which finally fixed in me an image of that what I want to become and helped to understand how to change itself(himself) and in what direction to change. Here it: “And with whom it is more pleasant to me to communicate? With the person who constantly gets “correctness“, or with the self-assured person who just accepts you such what you are?“