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How to make semolina fritters? The Strongest drought 2010 - go in farming regions of Russia led years the suns in palms of

to the fact that people learned to protect flour. Therefore we will also remember simple national recipes of tasty dishes almost without use of usual flour.

Favourite food of our people since ancient times - fritters. Since the childhood I remember how was enough the kruglyash heated from a frying pan barehanded and juggled with them between palms, showing at the same time remarkable circus talents. A sun piece in palms! The main thing, I remember, to manage to give I tear up from a rag of the grandmother who oh as did not love when ahead of time someone drags her crown dish.

And here we now, in 2012 - m, in the light of “resolutions of party and government“ on an economical expenditure of usual flour, will pass to other substance. Semolina! Yes, that semolina that when cooking stiffens lumps, demands continuous stirring and, having cooled, stiffens heartless pancake at the bottom of a plate. We will not begin to bake pancakes from a semolina. And here fritters - all right!

With what we will work:
- 1 glass of flour;
- 4 glasses of water or milk;
- 1 glass of semolina;
- 2 tablespoons of sugar;
- salt to taste;
- yeast.

We cook usual cream of wheat. On water or milk. That that since the childhood to someone across a throat rose. We cook it. We do not depart from a plate. We disturb. The squash cooks. We add sugar, salt. When it becomes ready, dense, we take out on a balcony to be cooled. If the action takes place in the city of Sochi in July, then porridge cools down on that balcony till the morning. It is better to stir then a ready semolina often - often quicker to cool.

We start up already warm porridge in further process. Despite appeals to save flour, we climb in a cushion and we take ordinary wheat flour. We pour it to warm cream of wheat and by that we give special glutinosity to future fritters. Take well baked fritter from a semolina, stick to a door, say, of the refrigerator, and it should not fall to a floor instantly! Glutinosity will not allow. If fritter nevertheless fell to a floor, then do not throw out it. Leave to the mother-in-law on an entertainment.

But glutinosity of fritters does not do their taste air! And if we want that the delicacy melted in the mouth - lightness is necessary. For this purpose we use technologies of moonshining. We take yeast. Widespread dry will approach as whetstone, and more now. From cream of wheat with wheat flour we add some yeast to warm weight and - business went. Dough slowly begins to get excess weight, speaking in images. Let`s place our culinary preparation in heat. It is not difficult to find this place. There the cat in cold weather rolls usually. Or the husband at the woman. Or - the grandfather. At the battery. Well, either on the furnace or at an oven.

We drive a cat from a cushy job and we place our tub with the test there. We wait when dough rises and will become playfully - magnificent. Further we take a big wooden spoon of the size of a palm and on the heated frying pan we lower the first lump of the test. Gold fritters will leave! Not on color, on advantage for an organism. The classical ruddy golden crust on fritters in our case will not turn out. The semolina is a semolina. It a product good, but on “gold“ on a pedestal of loose grain does not pull in any way.

We will remember other times: practically each child in the childhood heard from parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, tutors, nurses the phrase: “You will eat a semolina squash - you will grow up the athlete!“ And we - fir-trees! We wanted to become athletes. From a semolina we grow. So fry the whole wash-tub of fritters from semolina, buy a tub with sour cream and burst, burst, burst! The stomach, in any case, will grow promptly! Same growth generator - semolina.

Cooking semolina fritters, we learn new type of a favourite national delicacy. Result: they - fritters - air, heated, economical (that is important in anticipation of the second - the third wave of a world economic crisis), magnificent. The intensifying growth processes. Non-standard. Tasty, at last!